Artwork created by Brian Bradley, photographer extraordinaire 

Artwork created by Brian Bradley, photographer extraordinaire 

Welcome to LOVELifeyoga®!

Alec Vishal Rouben is inspired to have stumbled upon a path of service! Having his first yoga practice through the Vinyasa system,  breath became the key to finding inner contentment in life, staged through mindfulness. His personal practice reveals strong gems on how to move towards mastery in his unique offering of yoga to the world, influencing fellow brothers and sisters, while receiving wisdom from his Community. Although he is in the first decade of practice, he feels an unbounded dedication to cultivating a continued state of Study, as he comes to understand the nature of life through the lens of Yoga. Alec immediately dove into Bhakti, or devotion, for the sense of peace that has come from a committed practice, relieving the defeating waves of depression, confusion, and anxiety that life seems to produce. 

Alec is currently residing in the UK, exploring the powerful city of London. He has moved to London temporarirly to pursue a Masters Degree in the Traditions of Yoga & Meditation at SOAS University. London dwellers, look out for Alec at MORE yoga and more studios over the year!



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He believes when we go to 'public classes' it acts like a mini Study-of-the-Self Session, then we take what is learned back home and integrate it into a personal practice on your mat. This is what his offerings are based off of. From starting with Vinyasa and moving into a firm Ashtanga Practice, then slowly evoling towards an Iyengar Based Supportive Practice of stillness. His offerings of Yoga in the classroom transcend the norm of what we might think an asana class 'should' look like. With a strong relationship around Pranayama, Meditation, Stories of the Hindu Mythics in which Yoga is rooted in, you can expect to to learn a great deal of understanding around Yogaasanas, Alec is here to share with you, LOVELiFEyoga®!



Alec Bows to his Teachers. A Strong String of Yoga Teachers in Colorado Introduced Alec to Yoga Through Power Vinyasa in 2012. Richii Jai was amongst the first teachers he looks up to!  Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, and Ty Landrum are the Primary Teachers of his Ashtanga Influence, which took a strong hold of attention for several years. More recently, Eddie Modestini, Shri H.S. Arun, & A potent 5-day Intensive with Manouso Manos are his Iyengar inspired advanced and Senior Teachers. Alec continues to seek out studies with Eddie and Arun.