Medicinial Moments of Gratitude


Aloha and namaste, my beautiful friends! Thank you for continuing to read this post and tune in as I share my experience of living in London!

I am remembering: BEing in extreme gratitude for one of my destinies & life bound purposes of service; teaching yoga! I am so blessed & abundant to be able to teach anywhere i travel across this world! Having the opportunity to teach yoga anywhere I travel is something I am in absolute awe of. There is something special about dropping any masks that we wear, especially when walking into a yoga studio to teach yoga, and embracing the intention to SERVE!
The Scottish mountain spirit...  BLESSED ME!!! it was super cold outside! I played with my drone that my Purium Business bought me and i'm Hyped about it! I haven't been able to be in mountains for weeks! Scotland is beautiful and I look forward to returning here!
Thank you to my beautiful light brother @kylegrayuk (if you haven't checked out his page, go scope it. Daily affirmations of LEADING a life of LOVE!)  for receiving me in the beauty of glasgow, Scotland!

Angels, my guides, spirit! I am in awe of you and am listening for these daily signs that support me! Thank you for coursing messages of love through me to share! Thank you mother earth for beating your heart in ME! Thank you father sky for guiding me forward!
Thank you @infinityogagla for having me in your community to teach yoga! The LOVEtriBE expanding! Each workshop I teach, I bring enough LOVEtriBE Bracelets for everyone, and it's so cool to be a global citizen and teach all over the world!
My approach to teaching has drastically shifted over the past 15 months and my next post will go into how this has changed & where my focus lies. Essentially, instead of teaching a fun and dynamic sequence with fresh music... I have gotten still and am invested in silence! I Teach People & pay extreme attention to whom is in front of me. I have not been using music & am grateful to my teacher Eddie Modestini for helping me cultivate an eye of awareness. I am continually learning to see what an individual body needs, rather than what most people want. More on this soon....
I keep it S I M P L E.

T-2 months left in London... I have weekly classes in Bermondsey at MoreYoga & I am teaching in Iceland & France!!  I am so blessed with weekly superfood consultations with intentions to shift the health & financial wealth of our current society situation with FOOD! #gogreen

I am crushing grad school and essays! This masters degree in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation has been such an intense journey and I am learning so much about my self. Rather than Dark Night of the Soul...I'm seeing how this is the Dark Night of the Ego: The Soul does not have darkness, it is LIGHT.   London has been so hard for me, I would be lying if I didn't say that. I also asked for this. Coming from Hawaii and Colorado, the vibrational frequencies are so drastically different. I have found something profound. Earlier last week, a wave of water FLEW through me and out of no where I started crying and had an emotional breakthrough. It was not a breakdown, I was broken open to realize the medicine of being in a place that...I truly don't love.

It is an HONOR to be here now. I have the opportunity to continue to glimpse into a crevice of my consciousness that I have never had the ability to access before. I am without the Power of Community & the Beauty of Nature, and this aloneness is of extreme benefit and value. I am learning more about myself, spirit, and my hearts essence by being in this Bear Medicine- the Hibernation aspect of going into the Cave of the Heart. Salmon Medicine is keeping me resilient and continuing to swim up stream, against the grain into challenge with fierce commitment to KEEP GOING. Owl Medicine shows up on the daily; the Seer In the Dark. I see, despite not being able to see what is in front of me. Higher purpose and higher intention have once again been remembered. So, Without Community & Nature on a consistent daily basis, My consciousness has access to new states of awareness that may seem dense and dark; and it is of utmost value to CONNECT with this NOW moment! I am blessed to be a conduit of Light and Self:healing. Thank you angels and guides for helping me remember why I am here on this planet! I love you and continue to release the weight of the world on my shoulders!

I am invested in my reality with LOVE, purpose & presence, service to myself & others, and i am driven to make my way through this storm and all storms life may present in front of me!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this! Sending all the love to you where ever you are in the world. I love you!


Looking forward to connecting with you,

aloha, namaste, peace and love



your brother,


alec vishal rouben

The (new) Introduction. The Now Induction.

M A S T E R Y.

Let me first off by saying, I love you. I love myself. I love my body. I love my life!

This past year has been a year of so many questions. Questions of love, doubt, security, cosmic order of the universe, spiritual depth of understanding myself and the world around, and wiping the slate clean and starting over, once again. Lets do a quick Re::run, and may this inspire you to reflect upon your past twelve months.... I intend to bring a few sentences for each month, highlighting the experience in retrospect with a photo or two.... And then...we are arrive here, right now.  

January 2017. I had this deep feeling that this year was going to just kick my ass. Straight up. I knew it was a challenge steeped in challenge, brought to the surface of this humanely existence to aid in my journey towards self-mastery. I am halfway through my six month journey in asia and I wake up in India, bathing in the ganges water, awakening Lord Shiva in my heart. I continued my solo travels through Indonesia and Vietnam, which also brought forth amazing challenges and blessings. All insights to look deeper into myself... I have always LOVED solo travel. You're on your time, connecting with the moment and observing any and all patterns as they encroach on the experience of bliss. Opportunities for spiritual growth! As a solo traveler, often, things don't go quiet as one gotta be in the stream of the flow! Here we go, Mother Asia!

Haridware, India. Jan 2017

Haridware, India. Jan 2017

Somewhere along the southwestern coast of Vietnam with Soul Brother Kiefer Avi.

Somewhere along the southwestern coast of Vietnam with Soul Brother Kiefer Avi.

February 2017: Continuing the Journey through Southeast Asia! I observe deep excitement to begin to visit places I have always wanted to! Vietnam, land of PHO here I come!!  aaaaaand. Never before in my life did I ever feel like I truly wanted to be vegetarian! I began to make this mindful switch here, after observing how animals are treated, it just hurt me. Not telling anyone how to live, it just hit me in my heart and I began to avoid meat for the most part. Living with my brother Thang, who is Vietnamese was such a gift! Seeing the culture of a small town in southeast Vietnam, right before meeting with my soul brother Kiefer! We bought bikes (DONT DO THAT!) and lived to tell the tale, by gods grace. Our time was short together, however, it was perfect, as my loneliness allowed me to find a comfort in my discomfort, passing my emotions of aloneness off to divine spirit....learning how to read the omens. The Alchemist taught me how to read the language of the universe. The omens kept bringing up LONDON, UK! Apply to SOAS grad school for a Masters Degree in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation for the fall of 2017. I asked for the signs and omens to guide the way.....and they did. Application sent in. Application number was 773....I knew it was happening. Cosmically supported.

Barefoot amongst the ancient ground of Angkor Wat and surrounding temples....Earth Connection is strong here!

Barefoot amongst the ancient ground of Angkor Wat and surrounding temples....Earth Connection is strong here!

March 2017. My journey took me to Cambodia with brother Raul, where I met some very special humans that are still in my life while teaching yoga at Free Flow Festival on Koh Rong, a secluded island in the southern islands of Cambodia! I learned how to spin fire with a Rope dart! Embodying the Aries/Pisces within myself.....One of the key teachings of this 6 months journey, which was coming to a close last week of April was to embody PISCES. Allow life, things, hopes, and wishes to simply come to me. instead of the Aries DO, FIRE, do DO DO! Surrendering to the wisdom keeper within, integrating an absolute knowing that what is meant to unfold, will simply be, and come to me with ease & grace, with conscious awareness. I was graced to experience Angkor Wat! This led me to  Myanmar where I sat for 10 days in the central mountains in a vipassana, through the Mahasi Mahayana sect of Buddhism. 10 days of meditation..... all I'll say is: You must be willing to burn in your own flame. How could you rise anew if you did not first come from the ashes?

April 7th, 2017. Age 26. Sacred Hawaiian burial grounds in Kaua'i. Photo by my best friend Romney Smith

April 7th, 2017. Age 26. Sacred Hawaiian burial grounds in Kaua'i. Photo by my best friend Romney Smith

April 11th, 2017.  Boulder, Colorado. Wearing all of Matt's Clothes. This is LOVEtriBE.

April 11th, 2017.  Boulder, Colorado. Wearing all of Matt's Clothes. This is LOVEtriBE.

April 2017: This is the month my life changed forever. From Asia, I landed on Maui to be with my teacher Eddie and rejuvenate after Asia put me through a washing machine of Emotional, spiritual, and physical extremes. Eddie blessed me big time! With love, health, friendship, guidance, and laughter. Friendship. Universe has blessed me with a senior teacher of Yoga who has brought me into his life as a friend, student, family connection, and now, partner. He brought Purium into my life! More on this later, as I establish intention later in the year with Purium's intention.  Romney was over on Kaua'i and she is one of my best friends! Her kindness bought me a ticket to Kaua'i ON my birthday! What a GIFT! Two Hawaiian islands in a couple days with two seriously influential people in my life. Thank you divine mother!!  24 hours passed and I was on my way to LA, to connect with my LA tribe! I was there for less than 24 hours....and I got the call nobody ever wants to hear. Someone you love dearly has passed to the other side. My first thought was, wow. He got out from picking me up from the airport on April 16th, like he promised when he dropped me off at DIA on October 28th, 2016. Matt Lackey Died. Life.Changed.Forever. I was on the next flight out of LAX, returning home to Boulder to Mourn and dive into Grief with my tribe.  I couldn't believe this is how I was coming home.....There must be some lesson here... There has to be. Matt was terminated under divine law. I believe this & have accepted this. This was, has been, and is the single handed most spiritual experience I have ever gone through... losing a best friend and gaining a supportive essence on the other side of the veil..For the first time in my life, I stopped practicing yoga out of fear. It is so vulnerable to share this and so true, thus, it is important to reveal. I was scared to be alone....connecting with matt's soul essence while practicing Yoga brought forth the other side of the veil with extreme clarity, and truly, I could not handle first.  So. My practice became tears, breaking down, and prayer. For almost 45 days. The healing that comes from tears....ahhh.

Row 0, Red Rocks, Odesza. May 2017. "How did we get here?" "'cause, we blessed, Nelson!"

Row 0, Red Rocks, Odesza. May 2017. "How did we get here?" "'cause, we blessed, Nelson!"

May 2017. The days are painful and they are beautiful. How did Time go so quickly? I had my birthday and I traveled the world and I beat myself up for leaving Matt in this way, before he left us. Eventually, Peace found me through the help of a few friends, namely one who joined me for the Magic at Odesza later in the month. I went to Red Rocks several times this month while in Boulder, which always brought forth intense tears of BEing. Red Rocks is sacred ground, steeped in LOVE SOURCE VIBRATION. Generations of music, ceremony, and intention have painted the rocks with sound, seen and unseen, and here, I felt Matt so strongly. This month was a simple month of BEing and I learned to find Trust once again. It did not come for quite some time. I cried so much. Alone and together, our triBE connected almost every day. Holding space and navigating the stream of grief that Loosing one of our integral members of LOVEtriBE produced. I am in Awe of what is shared by my Soul tribe of Love. I remember them. There are strong Karmic ties of relationship in play here, this is for sure!

June 2017.  I still have fear to get into my chair and practice yoga. I only know this fear because of the TRUTH and awareness it will bring. I am slow but sure to restart my postural practice....and it happens over time. I start walking more, I start listening again, and I find myself.... here.  This month is spent between LA and Boulder, returning to the place where I found out Matt had Died. This brought up a lot of grief again, and I faced the moment with as much grace as possible. Eddie and Kristin have been reaching out and connecting with me weekly. Purium began to grow for me during this month. I needed to place my attention, energy, and focus into something that would bring powerful results. So, I began this business minded work, sharing superfoods and building a team of like-minded individuals who want to share health, wealth, and healing through organic, non-gmo superfoods. To my surprise, with just 60 days of serious work, I made over 7K, which paid for my month of July in Maui- and set the stage for me to attend Burning man and Eclipse festival...Always, when I want something, and I claim to the universe WHY I need this, It is supported. The 'how' is not important. June went by quick, as it was my last month in boulder....for the rest of the year, and I knew it. September was coming quick and I was going to be moving to London. Times to......let go of everything I think I know. 

June 2017- LA. Matt reminding me of my wings....I am finally starting to fly again..

June 2017- LA. Matt reminding me of my wings....I am finally starting to fly again..

JULY 2017.  Hawaii received me. I returned to Maui for the second time to study the subject of YOGA with Eddie Modestini and Kristin Bosteels. My intention this month was to Focus as a Present Student, build my business in Purium, and connect with the island. The month also brought forth an unexpected gift. Love....with Romney. Romney and I shared an Airbnb with two beautiful people in Haiku as we journeyed in the intensity of this month-long immersion. My best friend became a lover and I was in awe of how this unfolded. In This month, communication spiraled to a new level as we met each other in a new and exciting space of life, recognizing an ancient and karmic tie to one another. It is so interesting how when we stop looking for something and truly DO our own spiritual and emotional work, the universe may present us with something that we didn't expect! It is an omen to me, that all is unfolding perfectly. The order of the universe is in play. I simply give thanks for Hawaii and spirit blessing me with the presence that this connection has provided, originating during this summer month. The Yoga was intense. 7-4pm, 6 days a week, using props and getting STILL. Meeting ourselves in the moment and watching our patterns. I needed it. Desperatly. Finally.....I took savasana after avoiding it for almost three months. I cried a lot in savasana and just tried to BE with it all.  It worked. I sought comfort in my discomfort, I learned to lean in to the emotions and harness the moment. I used this New Energy found and channeled it into focus for Purium, bringing in surprising income! (Maybe this is one of the answers to my questions that I have held deep within the past 3 years. How am I going to self-sustain myself in this lifestyle I LOVE to live?  and....In this month, I realized that Purium is my vehicle to Financial Freedom, in order to be of service to myself and the world, through the lens of offering Yoga at a rate that I believe it is supposed to be taught at. More on that later.   July was epic and it set the stage for the rest of the year! I finally smiled in love at myself! and...I cried. A lot.


Winding Rivers always find where they are meant to flow! Love source, 2017.

Winding Rivers always find where they are meant to flow! Love source, 2017.

LOVEtriBE, Oregon Eclipse, August 2017, Feat. Matt Lackey's Essence

LOVEtriBE, Oregon Eclipse, August 2017, Feat. Matt Lackey's Essence

August 2017. During the first week of this month, I made a pitstop in Texas to attend Purium's convention! Here I learned about the intention behind all the products, how they are made, and how epic the community (ohana) is! I was surprised to see the scientific tests brought on by dozens of products, including a new GMO-damage restoring product called Biome Medic. My conviction to work with a company grew and my intention remained stronger than before! Especially with the fact that I was about to disappear for 2 weeks in the desert and I had residual income supporting me!  From Purium's convention, I returned to Boulder for about 5 days, preparing for Eclipse Festival & Burning man with the LOVES of MY LIFE! My emotions rose, in recognition that I was about to be on the road for 2.5 weeks and then return to Colorado with just 3 days left before leaving for London! LOVEtriBE met in Oregon for the eclipse festival, which was intense and amazing. A cosmic dance of the sun, moon, and earth falling into alignment, as we peered into the portal of transformation. We held a powerful ceremony for Matt, moments after the portal opened and we said goodbye.... It was beautiful and full of love-source vibration. I speak of this love-source quite often, because it is all that there is. Eclipse ended and September came around..... Romney, Kiefer, Joey, and Myself got in cars and drove to Mount Shasta for temporary restoration before Burning Man. So grateful that two of my very best friends become close. Romney and Kiefer, I love you both SO Much! You are my best friends and I am infinitely grateful for your support and reflection you share! Professionals, might you say?

Entrance to the Temple, Burning Man 2017. Matthew Wayne Lackey.

Entrance to the Temple, Burning Man 2017. Matthew Wayne Lackey.

September 2017.  Romney, Kiefer, Joey and I are blessed by the Mount Shasta mountain spirit and healing spring waters! Kiefer bails on burning man in order to honor his body, what a truth bringer! Romney and I have powerful moments on playa, learning to play with energy, understanding entities, meeting Matt Lackey, chasing music and finding God in the sun and stars together. Our time of Sparkle magic BEings was so amazing! Karl & Joey are in love and do such an amazing job. Our camp is e p i c. My third burn! We hold an individual focused ceremony for Matt in the temple at his beautiful shrine! Burning man always teaches us so much. I'd love to go back and I listen for the playa to simply bring me back home, always if it is meant to be, it will be. Burning man Ends and Joey and I make our way back to Boulder, where I am blessed to see Romney for a few days. A couple more days pass and I'm on my way to London.

I feel confident and prepared to embark on this journey. I have Matt with me and I am ready! I love Solo Travel! I have never moved to another country and I've always wanted to try that....and so it is. London receives me and I am living in Eastern London inside a blessed flat with a beautiful human being, named Ranbir. The last two weeks of September are met with incredible excitement, molded with deep anxiety. In retrospect, I recognize my confidence and I also laugh in cosmic humor as to how much I had my ass kicked by the initiation rite of landing in London. I felt lost. I am startled by how cold everything and everyone seems to be. I have to get used to the lack of connection 'strangers' live off of. It's just different coming from Hawaii, Colorado, and Burning Man Vibration! Here we go.....



Week 1 of Grad school. October 2017. Creating affirmations.

Week 1 of Grad school. October 2017. Creating affirmations.

October 2017.  I am feeling confident. I have sparkle magic in my heart. I am feeling convicted to be in London and begin this masters degree in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation. School starts and it overwhelms me. The culture begins to dim my light. I almost let it....I try and fight back by illuminating my love for life. It is really hard. I'm alone. So much essay writing, reading, and new insight being transmitted. It scares me, honestly. I wasn't sure If I could handle the new information being sent through, which I came to learn that, Of course, I can and I will. It is my destiny to be here in this moment, living in London, away from everything I know, learning about God, spirit, and myself. Half of October goes by, and it seems my sparkle magic fades away. The grey hues of the sky reflect my emotional state. The sun rarely shines. I'm starting not to smile as much. I cry more. I feel alone. I  do receive support from almost a dozen LOVEtriBE'rs, getting an assurance that yes, indeed, this is meant to be. I also realize I have been missing something. I haven't been teaching Yoga consistently since October 2016. ONE YEAR, which was my intention, to take a year off and dive deeper into Student Studies. Which I did! So....I set the intention to teach yoga, and by the end of the month, I had a weekly class starting in November. It seems my manifestation powers were still online, not dampened by the walls of London. Love Source is still here....I am reminded, despite feeling alone in the Dark Night Of The Soul. Matt shows up for me daily. It is so intense here. How did I get here? (Oh, yeah, I asked for it. I asked for transformation and change. Right.) The that comes which will help me dispel a 90 day period of deep anxiety... What will need to be, will be. What will need to be, will be. What will need to be, will be.

Tear filled Tube Rides. Sharing with love, We are never alone... 2017, November. London.

Tear filled Tube Rides. Sharing with love, We are never alone... 2017, November. London.

Boreal Forest, Nov. 2017, Sweden.

Boreal Forest, Nov. 2017, Sweden.

November 2017. I stop smiling at strangers and try my best to remind myself of the divine support I have. No matter how deep I get into the Dark Night of the Soul, realizing I am in the Dark Hymn of my very own Creation in Life, I pray. I pray, I pray, I pray. I pray for peace, clarity, and connection. I receive one miracle of human connection a day. It is intense, and although grad school seems to be kicking my ass, I am getting a hold on my essays, despite whining about it. I got myself into this grad school mess, and God BLESS it, I will get myself out! The only way out is THROUGH! Teaching yoga this month grounds me back down into remembering my intention as to why I'm here, which is a very positive omen. As I write this in January, I reflect on how supportive teaching yoga is for me in my life, demanding connection to those who are in front of me, so this becomes an incredible service to my time living in London. I see Nicolas Jaar in Paris which was weird and amazing. I am alone. I cry a lot on the tube. I listen to Trevor hall daily. He helps my loneliness. Ranbir and I cultivate our friendship, and We learn from one another.  My practice is back in full connection. I feel I am finding God in a new way, as I learn the hymns within ancient scriptures of yoga. I am learning more about myself than I am learning from this Masters Degree..... Interesting.

Halfway through November, Greta comes to visit me and the tides shift from depression to forming the foundation back into acceptance. I'm having a really hard time and I have accepted it, not rejecting it, just BEING with IT. My Prayer for a miracle and connection is answered, and Greta shines a  light on my dimmed heart, which reAwakens my illumination for living in Europe. I am so grateful for her sisterhood to come and bless me with loving presence. Days after she leaves, I get a job in London because Purium isn't enough to stabilize me. I need more money to live here! I sell my beloved Handpan (which I will buy another in 2018/2019 from my first 10K made in a month brought in by Purium!) I work at a 5-star Indian Cafe as a host, which allows me not to feel as lonely, needing to not only make ends meet, but also to inspire YOGA, LOVE, and PRESENCE within the walls of the intensity that is the restaurant service realm.

Last weekend of November I go to Sweden to re:connect with a SOUL brother, Phillip. We get lost and found in the Boreal Forest of southern Sweden while finding pieces of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within ourselves, knowing that we are the spirit and breath of God. I love Philip, and our brotherhood is divine! Perhaps....time brings him to Colorado, we Shall see!

DECEMBER 2017. I am eternally reminded of L O V E source. Love source is all. There is no higher power than LOVE, and it is within us all. My time in nature while visiting Sweden reminded me of this and prepared me for two more weeks in London, before heading to Hawaii to reconnect with Romney, surprise my tribe in Colorado for Xmas, and explore Italy over NYE with my cousin. The two weeks of London time are spent focusing on essay and understanding divine purpose of this moment. I am learning to be Hyper Present and exist in what is NOW. Through it all, I'm feeling such darkness. It's almost overwhelming and I'm praying for a break. Thankfully, ocean spirit and mountain spirit blesesd me. Hearing from Divine Mother that I AM a vessel of limitless potential and miracles flow through me where coming through my consciousness daily. I am trying to listen. The New Energy of this Life is represented in all things. Nothing can ever separate us from the LOVE SOURCE that is present.

Sistine Chapel, 2017 Rome, Italy.

Sistine Chapel, 2017 Rome, Italy.

I am in full acceptance of the dark times I feel I'm in. London is not a Dark Place, despite me feeling it is. Eventually, the Hawaiian spirit and Colorado Mountain spirit reflected to me, that it is just the period of life that I am in, now. A period of deep inner transformation, which has been strong dark work, originating with love. Love is within the intent to grow. Through my darkness, my Light expands. I am a warrior of Light, and I am here to do this work, which involves solitude at this time. While on Kaua'i with Romney, great connection is felt from the 'aina (island), Romney, her animals, and myself. I request permission from the island to return in April, watching for the signs, omens, and feelings to arise to support the intention to BE present. During this time, the channelings of Kryon reveal themselves to me. A book channeled through LOVE for human kind, learning how to communicate with our guides, co-create for ourselves, and exist with soul divine understanding. I am grateful for the Kryon Energy helping me learn how to communicate to the other side of the veil, especially during this challenging time of growth in my life!

Colorado TriBE is nourishing! At a cellular level, I feel restored. My Soul feels touched and reminded that I AM STRONGER THAN I THINK, remembering my Soul Essence. Ten days pass quickly, and I travel to Italy, where I have always wanted to go! Rome is amazing. The food, the wine, the structural foundations set with the intention of God in heart, Rome blessed me with excitement to be back in Europe.

January, midnight, 2018.  My cousin Tessa and I sit on the streets of Rome with a stick of Palosanto. Fireworks that are as intense as Bombs are going off, which creates the space for a shield of Presence and Light to open up around us. With intention I claim to my guides I am ready for the implant change, Master Guide shift (read Kryon Book 1, it's on amazon, it is potent New Information ready to be shared with you...) which successfuly creates shift for this new year portal to open with LOVE! I cannot hear a word Tessa is saying, however I feel her connection to the moment and the clarity coming through with our shared moment. I am grateful to have spent at least 4 NYE with my cousin!

And now, I am back in London. Day 3 of 2018.

I am blessed and grateful for London. FINALLY i feel this way! Right on time. It feels.... good to be back in London. I have the blessing to teach yoga weekly, I am grateful to have a job at a credible place that serves amazing Indian food, I am fortunate to have Purium supporting me with income that will take me back to Hawaii for several months come spring time! My time here feels Divine. Deep in the cave of Creation, communing with MYSELF. I feel I am dating myself and loving myself through the hard times of aloneness and self-reflection and action.

I am going to focus on grad school, despite feeling disapointed by my international studies. I am not a fan of old-paradigm studies, where the professor just seems to be regurgitating information from the paper in front of them. That's tough for me. It's all a lesson for me, and I'm seeing this clearly now. I am in love with the obstacle in front of me. I am here and ready!

I have three months left in this country before Returning home and I feel extreme conviction to DO this WORK. I'm in for the second set of the show. (Thanks, keif). I am here to watch for experiences and patterns as they arise, noting them, going into them, and handling the hardship, the bliss, the moment. I have an arsenal of spiritual tools, namely the single most important one, L O V E.

I am recognizing The subject of Self-discovery arising for me while living in London. There is a bridge between the Human ego, 'me' and the universal soul essence coming up in daily duality. Understanding this bridge, to me, is understanding that I am piece of God, which allows me to have a greater understanding of my time here on earth, in lesson. Self-Discovery is DRIPPING in potency right now, for all of us. I am in Trust and Faith that my guides are paving the way for me to walk forward into empowerment, accessing new energy to harness, control, and transform.

In Spirits Heart, holding Gods essence, Time is not linear, Earth.

In Spirits Heart, holding Gods essence, Time is not linear, Earth.


2017, kicked my ass! 2017 brought hardship, absolute LOVE, new brothers and sisters, along with incredible opportunity for next level spiritual growth at the human level. 2018, I am ready for you and open my heart to you as a vessel of service. I have faith and Believe in my Self.

I am signing off for now and I may not post for a while! I am called to be Here, to Be Present in my Now Experience.

May this inspire you to reflect upon your past year and look into the next 12 months with intention, clarity, hope, and faith. I intentionally haven't shared my own personal goals for 2018, other than a few, hidden in code, which you may have understood.... Another time for that, mainly as these intentions are continued to be cultivated within my own Being and I am in communication with my guides on them.

I am here to share with you YOGA & my superfood intention. If you would like to learn more about the healing foods or participate in our 10 day health reset, lifestyle shift happening on January 20th, 2018 email me! & We can answer any of your questions.


May we walk forward with Truth Emanating from our very Being, Light shining from our eyes, and LOVE spreading from our lips. in Love,




Your brother,


Rome, Italy, Colosseo, 2018.

Rome, Italy, Colosseo, 2018.

Alec Vishal Rouben

Winding Rivers of Life

October 28th, 2016, Kiefer Avi and Matt Lackey dropped me off at DIA - in support of a six month journey I felt the call to step into.

S e l f - D i s c o v e r y

There are many calls we experience as Beings - Settling, grounding down, and at times, getting shaken up by the flow state and our surrounding environment. For me, I've always felt the understanding that when stagnacy arises within me, I notice great comfort in my atmosphere. At these times, I strive to expand, explore, and extend my state of comfort.

So, I left to explore asia.

I returned home for several months to be with my chosen family.

And....I left again.

Landing in london the last 6 weeks have rocked me to the bones of my BEing, at times resurfacing the deep wound of Grief for loosing our brother Matt Lackey earlier this year. I left my triBE of colorado, once again, to travel across the world to a place I don't know, do something I swore I'd never do. Go to Grad School. Even though it is within a subject I am devoted to, the academia lens is quite rigerous and exhausting. I Know this is good for me & I trust in the universe for bringing me here.

Who would you have me talk to today?

What would you have me do today?

Where would you have me go today?

Each day, I cried. I was lost. I was confused. I was Angry. I started to pray more than I ever have. Asking for miracles from source. Finding Matt in everything and every person. I couldn't see anything as it was before me. My hands were on the wheel of my ship, which has thus far sailed the waters of life with minor damage, experiencing that which all ships should. Full on spectrum of emotional observance. What a gift it is to feel so deeply, so fully....... so creatively.

In my illusion, which I will go into.... I called upon my tribe through my prayer. So many stepped into my field every few days, if not on the daily, to check in on me and HOLD space for me. My tribe has a gift. To Actively LISTEN to the person whom is talking. How many times are we 100% present with the person in front of us, listening with undivided attention? This is something I know I am guilty of and have set my intentions to be more present in the moment with you & with alec. 

Grad school is pretty intense. I have 5 classes, which span for a total of 11 hours of contact time in the classroom a week. Probably 1000+ pages a week, which I definitely will not read! That's too much for my brain power to conceptialize. Although the topics are pretty amazing, they are very deep in the thread of Ancient Yoga. Unpacking the Vedas, The Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads, and more texts have shown me much there is to learn. Many of my collegues and peers in my class are quite qualified to be in this class, and in regards of an academia lens, I feel the most under qualified. However, The Spirit of Yoga has brought me here. To learn. To be open. To exercise Austerity & Tapas of SelfStudy.

Example of Illuision: There have been times in class when what we are discussing has 'nothing' to do with Yoga. What Does this have to do with Yoga??

Well. This is a bunch bullshit if I ask myself. How the bless could I have just seriously asked myself, 'What does this have to do with yoga?' THAT is the question I should be asking myself every DAY. What does this moment have to do with Yoga? Where are you not? True installation into the moment.

I have been resisting the moment for almost 5 weeks. I was projecting into what my life looks like, 12-15 months into the future and not BEing here, now. It was and IS devasting, exhausting, and quite toxic. I highly suggest against this. I was going against the grain, dismembering my chord to the earth, disconnecting with Great Spirit and Divine Mother,  due to my illusion that the cold roughness of London dampened my Manifesting Powers. This was all due to the Power of Thought. The Discipline of Thought.

Our thoughts have extreme play upon our days. We are the curators of our experience, and so....It Shall Be.


So, It Shall Be.

Whatever path You wish to illuminmate, so it can BEcome, as long as we allow for our own BEcoming.

Due to my stubbornness to not look at my own experience, I began to reach out. Through about 8 or 9 powerful reflections of my tribe, which came in the form of benevolence and divine trust of lord Shiva, or merciless facts of truth being revealed by Lord Rudra (an earlier vedic depiction of the Hindu God Shiva. He was not entirely, 'nice'.) and sometimes, these humanely reflections of my best friends came to me in the essence of hanuman, or, parvati. Total Love. I am So grateful. These specific BEings allowed me to see what I was not seeing and remind myself of how powerful I am, the great work I am doing. Because.....

I asked for help.

I open my heart and hands to God in order to receive the miracle of Support and Abunance.

I place all my relationships in your hands, great spirit, allowing for them to take their course. I release all burdens that Do Not Serve Me.


And then.... In a matter of a few days, when I stopped being a stubborn ass Aries ram, I watched my manifesting powers turn on. A yoga opportunity came to me. My sweet friend Greta came to visit me in london, providing an amplified reminder of the divinity within myself & all beings. The School work load somehow became less anxious. A dozen of my favorite artists put on shows in London or nearby and I totally bought tickets. Nicolas Jaar. four Tet. Tourist. Nahko. Oh Wonder. Nils Frahm. just to name 6.... :) I landed a job opportunity and have an interview at Dishoom- a fine dining indian restaurant that I really like!! (If you don't know....I'm half indian and I have extreamly high standards of indian food, thanks to my lovely mom & naniJi.) 

So... I thought to share these short experiences in leading up to where I am as I type this.


October 27th, 2017. One year later. I am on a superspeed train from London St. Pancras to Paris du Nord. I am going to Celebrate my self and dance with Matt Lackey tomorrow night at Nicolas Jaar. (I'm also going to manifest a ticket to nico's show tonight for a two night run.... Thank you matt.)  One year ago tomorrow, Matt dropped me off at the airport to begin a journey I will never forget. He helped me wake up. Again. And again. And Again. Continuously in the waking process through peering within. It is a close call to Halloween and the Day of the Dead. Here the veil is thin, the connection to of the Living and Dead can be touched in a greater Way..... I have prayed to Matt and my Angels to come into me & Become Me. A divine consort sailing in company of the infinite. I believe in the good things coming.....I Believe in all challenges as opportunities for me to be within spiritual growth.

I have matt's ashes around my neck & I am wearing my I BELIEVE IN ANGELS shirt.

I Have Arrived Safely, Undelayed & Perfectly On Time.



I'll close with sharing of some of the Upanishadic verses and prose.

Chandogya 6.8.2 (c. 600 BCE): Just as a bird that is tied with a string flies off in every direction and, when it cannot find a resting place anywhere else, settles back on the thing to which it is tied, so too the mind (manas) flies off in every direction, and when it cannot find a resting place anywhere else, it settles back on the breath itself, for the mind... is tied to the breath (prana bandhanam mana).

Rg Veda 10.190 (earliest veda): Order (rta) and truth (satya) were born from heat (tapas) as it blazed up. From that was born night, from that heat (tapas) was born the billowy ocean.

Katha Upanishad 3.2: ....I am the breathing spirit (prana), the intelligential self (prajnaatman). As such, reverence, (upasva) me as life, as immortality. Life is the breathing spirit. The breathing spirit, verily, is life. The breathing Spirit, indeed, is immortality.... for indeed, with the breathing spirit in this world one obtains imortality, with intelligence, the true conception.  // So he who reverences (Upaste) me as life, as immortality, reaches the full term of life in this world, he obtains immortality, indestructibility in the heavenly world.

 So... For now, I shall research my first essay topic: 

Compare and assess the Yogik Powers in the BagavadGita & the PatanjalayayogaSastra! 


Off for now. 


Listen. Breathe. Speak.


Many Blessings. I love you.

I Really, Really Love You.

You make a difference EVERY. Single. DAY. 

Believe it. Feel it. Access it. Your light is bright and needed at this time.

Thank you. 


Your brother,


Alec Vishal Rouben                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             





Across The Room

'Elo, my friend!


I have been in London the past sixteen days & am beginning to find the ground beneath me. One of the greatest grounding factors is allowing myself to go through a 10-day Cleanse through my SuperFood Company while being here. And Trust me- I really didn't want to do that! I want to eat vegan sweets, all the amazing pastries, and enjoy the red wine... Thankfully I have a full year to do this! Having a routine has always been supportive of my lifestyle, even though the rebel inside of me begs to differ. I am grateful for all that has unfolded; as I trust in the universe and what will need to be, will be. Truly grateful for the shift that eating healthy and mindfully has brought into my life! - and WHO it has brought into my field!

Last night, September 29th, I had an amazing night which brought me closer to myself as I truly host the living intention to breathe: Be My Best Friend, Love Myself, Date Myself, and Be a Radical Self-expressive human being! I remember when I landed from Asia in Boulder back in April and woke up one day in total grief and sadness, due to the death of our brother, only to find that Odesza would be touring through London within a few weeks of me landing there! Immediately, I bought two tickets and it was a positive omen for the journey that was months away. So much life has happened since then, and life continues to happen before my eyes....and one of the biggest shifts is that LIFE is not forcing me to LIVE. I CHOOSE to live in a state of True happiness and cultivated abundance. I am a LIGHT BEING (and so are you!) We have the choice to be anything we want in this life.


Times Flies as this rock spins, hurling through space. My time here in London is about to get busy, quickly. I have always been great at balancing my work life & social life -- sometimes spending more time (and money) on the social life factor. I pray that I will continue to do that, as I magnetize myself into a conscious tribe of Life Lovers & Light Beings Radiating LOVE!

I have become somewhat adept at learning the tube lines and how to navigate them...making some mistakes here and there, resulting in laughter. It's good medicine, to laugh at our own mistakes sometimes! Afterall.... (I believe) that all is unfolding in divine purpose....My feet land exactly where they are meant to be. Synchronicity continues to guide the way... Do you believe that? What do you believe? Do you think we all have a purpose? A reason to live? Or is all this just a coincidence? These are questions that I tend to ask myself everyday.

Arriving at Odesza i was beaming LIGHT and pure excitement. My Solo mission journey was the only way I could have imagined BEing at Odesza! I prayed to Matt to join me and felt his presence seep throughout each cell in my being as the openers began. I was on the right side of the top balcony, gazing over the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd below (somewhat the size of The Boulder Theatre in Colorado). As Hayden James came on, I stood up and let my body loosen up, realizing I was one of 10 people standing- 3 of those 10 people dancing amongst the entire sold out upper balcony.

Initially, I felt; 'WHAT DOING!?'

followed by a critical: 'I'm on the wrong side because the other side has more people standing and kind of dancing. Then I laughed at the absurdity of this comment to my self and recognized my judgment. In the flow of conversing with myself, I said, 'No! that's so silly of you to say! You're on the Right side! Literally!" And I continued to dance, WWLD (What Would Lackey Do) style, which essentially is like DGAF! I could sense around me, that some of the individuals have not found a deeper awareness in their body to move so freely, and this is something I am grateful to be a light to inspire & celebrate the uniqueness that each individual holds; the Greater Potential of our Being to EXPRESS!(So we can BLESS it UP!) Someone had come up to me while dancing and we talked briefly; he had shared with me, you are so unique! I had commented how content I was to feel that apart of me felt like I don't fit in amongst the wandering pedestrians or even amongst some of the crowd here at the show. Kindly he said, "Mate, you're in London. Trust me. you FIT in. Your vibe is Camden Town and Kentish Town. Your people are there!" I recognized my closedness after this conversation subsided, only to feel it was a positive omen that I am indeed, getting closer to my tribe out here.

After Hayden James finished, A man came up to me and asked me If I was High On Anything. I said, "I'm high on my Life, Music, and Superfoods!" This conversation led to him asking me about my life, which brought Yoga into the mix, naturally. This brother shared he has a bad cocaine problem and wants to get off and requested my help through the practice of Yoga & Nutrition. Positive omen, if you ask me!  I gave him my number & A $50 gift card to Platinum Europe Superfood Health Stores. We'll see what unfolds with that!! Over / under he messages me? I think under....We shall see!

Odesza was coming on soon and I began to chat with the fellow next to me, who shares the passion forDeep House Music! And this mate, Rhys, told me that he was stoked to take me to a Club where all they play is Sexy Deep House Music!!! YAHSS QUEEN!!!

~You had me at Sexy Deep House Music~

I have been graced to see Odesza about half a dozen times, since 2013. Odesza at Lightning In a Bottle 2013 was an experience of Enlightenment, a Self-Realizing moment where I could truly, for the first time in my life, Surrender into Total Trust to the Divine Plan of Life Unfolding before me. Each time I've seen Odesza, I have been able to return to this place, allowing myself to access this Higher State of Contentment through my waking life and through other platforms of where I investment my Energy & Attention. Throughout the night of dancing to Odesza, I closed my eyes frequently, dancing freely, connecting to the infinite reach of the stars above, just as If I was in Red Rocks dancing amongst my Tribe! Naturally, there are moments of my Aloneness that pass through, which I have experienced daily while being here in london & quite often during my solo travels over the periods of my life. I do my best to embrace this moment where I am, with whom I am experiencing life with - especially if it is Me, Myself, And I. Through and Through, I love myself!

I am a close friend with my aloneness or Loneliness, which is a tricky game of playing the victim in our own experience of meeting ourselves where we are. First off- There is a profound difference between Aloneness and Loneliness. To me- one plays victim more than the other and holds a woeisme kind of nature to it.... Aloneness is a natural thing. To Be Alone with ourselves, stepping into the essence of our being and meeting ourselves in the Heart. I am a creature that strives on connection with others and what I have come to understand about myself, is that I have much work to do when it comes to cultivating Best Friend - Self-Love - True Santosha (contentment) within the layers of my Own Being, and that excites me! Because I already LOVE myself so much! And there is so much more to find out how to love! For me I have always found that a specific visualization aids me in finding togetherness with the world around me, reminding myself that I am never alone, despite being placed in a location away from those that aid in the Life Fuel of my heartbeat. Or- even when I'm in my bed alone.

Astral projection is a beautiful thing; sending awareness into the space of infinity- the stars - where Cosmic Nothingness and Absolute Oneness may exist. (I just feel something there. I towards that something. Often. It brings me comfort and security in my humanness. Because all in all, we are god...) In this space of viewing the curvature of the earth, the sun shining on half the globe, I am able to see myself, amongst the billions and billions of Beings. And here, I gather deep perspective on Where I am, Whom I am, and How truly fortunate I am to be living in this existence that gives me the opportunity to CREATE ANYTHING I WANT.


In Life, You can have anything you want



I believe that. So very much. I have attracted so many powerful things into my life, which began with the original seed intention of a thought. The Thought grew with careful attention and trust in the unfolding process.

I am feeling deeply prepared for this upcoming journey. My conviction has begun to grow. Monday is day one of School & I will begin to taste what will be demanded of me over this upcoming year of my life.


So, On this post, I don't have too much to share other than what has been spoken. Initially, I wanted to share the feelings of total trust that MUSIC provides & that we ought to always be ourselves, no matter what. I felt that I didn't belong here for a few weeks, where deep down; I was not exercising compassion for myself as I begin the settling process. The Process, is just that, a winding road filled with lefts, rights, & -u-turns because you meant to take that secret corridor that will lead you into a room filled with unlimited possibilities!

For now, I shall be in the request of omens to let me know whether or not I am to Sell my Handpan. Interested? I am in total manifestation mode and abundance for an opportunity to TEACH YOGA at SOAS university, Local Yoga Studios, Manifesting Superfood Brand Partners who want to build residual income from their phone, & finding myself a side Job while here in London!! There is a chocolate shop down the street from me with amazing vegan options.....and I might go check it out! HA!



Ta-ta for now. All my love.


More soon <3




Suspended In a Dream - Waking in A Sun Burning Desert

~ OM NAMAH SHIVAYA ~ Burning Man 2017

~ OM NAMAH SHIVAYA ~ Burning Man 2017

Time has pulled me into the hourglass and I have become each grain of sand that falls through the tiniest hole, landing upon each other, stacking experience after experience....and there comes a time when the hourglass needs to be flipped, so the script may continue to tell its story.
In this space, between resting upon the ground I have built over the past 7 years, which has held multiple shakes, spins, and shatters of the wheel, especially over the past 5 months, I am feeling almost lost in my direction of chosen action. The hourglass is neither on the ground, nor at the apex of nearing its landing pad. The morsels are floating amongst the edges of space in the glass, waiting.....waiting.....what am I waiting for? Where is my presence of NOW?
At times, I observe the internal dialogue of the ravaging critic developing a story based upon suffering and then I realize all the amazing things occurring in my life, which quickly dispels the wicked thoughts of self-doubt. This Fuels Empowerment as I step into deeper reflection. Reflection of the passing moment....and reflection of the past 11 months.


^^ I wrote this on September 12th, 2017 and then put it down & I suppose I did not return to it....until now. I'll continue as I agree with all of my words above, they still ring true. However- THE SAND MORSELS HAVE LANDED AND THEY ARE BUILDING. First....some background context to catch us up to speed of What The Heck is Going on!



October 28th, 2016 (one year anniversary of the last day I saw Matt Lackey Approaches)- is the day I set out on a 6-month travel trip across Asia, which taught me the Language of The Universe. I began to learn how to read Omens from the surrounding response that is the Waking Universe. These 6-months changed my life and set the stage for the coming years. I returned home early to the death of our tribe's best friend, which you may know about if you are reading this post. Three months were spent in Boulder, Colorado where I willingly spiraled into a dark place of grief, depression, and sadness. Underneath all of these beautiful emotions, I found an infinite wellspring of Divine Pure Love & Light, transformed by the hearts of our LOVEtriBE in Colorado. Matt Lackey is always in the heart of our hearts, in the shine of the sun, the wandering hoofs of the mountain goat, & in the breath of the wind. He is Alive.


July 2017 transformed my heart space as I flew to Maui to study with my Teacher, Eddie Modestini and fall into a Love Vibration with one of my best friends, Romney Smith! I LOVE YOU HI :D The month of July was deeply steeped in yoga & building my superfood business with Eddie, who got me hooked on the nourishing foods I have been sharing. Practicing for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week is always a powerful way to get right to the heart of your shit! I love it so much! Journeying into the wisdom of yoga with an experienced teacher, which is truly, allowing ourselves to see the divinity within. The Container is so strong and always assures growth. Being at Eddies Shala on maui with Romney was a dream come true; to be able to harness the energy of Love in Relationship while studying a mutual passion together; Yoga. YOGA IS RELATIONSHIP & all relationship is reflected in YOGA! The value I hold to yoga is unparalleled- never before in my life have I felt magnetized to pursue anything to this caliber! I was always a black sheep who felt like he never belonged, which was a time when self-love was not a conscious concept for Alec. To be able to connect and speak the language of Yoga, Earth-Spirit, and self-introspection through yoga is a lens that is embedded into the sight of my soul; which allows me to synchronize with few individuals in a romantic sense. For me, It had been many years since I have connected on this level & I am in awe and true gratitude to the universe as she responds to these prayers. We receive when we are truly ready. You never know, your next love might already be in your life! :)

July was powerful. Yoga & building my superfood business filled me up while connecting with Romney on the mana-steeped island of Maui. August came quick which took me to Dallas, Texas, where I learned the business model that this superfood company is based off of. Meeting the owners & my team provided me with a sense of comradery that I hold in every other aspect of my life, which resonated with me on a deep level! While there, I was gifted with so much knowledge about clinical studies of these superfood products and the level of integrity the company has! This has given me a powerful belief in what I have to share and offer the world as a true healing modality that is paired with yoga. I keep going from one location to the next, with all the excitement to SOAK UP HEALING!

After Texas, I came back to my beloved Boulder for 6 days. During these 6 days I was moving QUICK! Packing up for a 3.5 week journey on the road with the best friends of my life, to honor ourselves and our fallen brother, Matt Lackey. Romney returned to prepare herself as well and we spent an amazing 3 days with each other while putting our lives into our vehicles! We took off for Eclipse festival in Oregon and Burning Man with Brother Joey & Kiefer. Awaiting to align with the Tribe!


WOW! What a powerful 3.5 weeks. The Level of Love I hold for each individual in my tribe is so powerful & ancient. We have done this dance of Life and Death - Realizing one another in this life is a true gift to behold. Beauty, is absolutely in the eye of the beholder. We attended one of our worlds greatest phenomena together. A Total Solar Eclipse and experienced a naked dance of adoration together as the Sun & Moon fell into astrological alignment with one another. This covered us in the Darkness of Night at 11am in Oregonian Prairie as we stumbled upon a divinely placed stream to rest our tribe for our ceremony. Here we laid down our old stories, past layers of being, and guilt. Our tribe held Life & Death in our hands as we opened a portal, moments after the eclipse washed us clean. With The Ashes of Matt Lackey & The Pranic Seeds of Plant Life held in our hands, the connection forced tears to flow into the stream as We All Let it Go. There is so much to write about here & I will continue to do this at another time. My intention is to catch up to this moment.....

After Eclipse, Burning Man Happened. It's burning man out there, man!!! I am in awe of a place where 70,000 come to truly BE. A desert Art-filled wonderland created for the sole enjoyment of people by people! My Crew was Romney, Joey, Karl, Sonja, Gaia, and Eric. It was so beautiful have a tight triBE of 3 best friends & strengthen another, while meeting two new beautiful people. Each night was filled with Lessons, Adventures, and massive Self-Reflection. Honoring Matt Lackey in the temple was my primary intention to go & we did just this.


I'll share one experience. Sitting at the temple, We peered into the sky and observed a beautiful tapestry of color beginning to rise. The Sun was on the way and the Earth was spinning ~ Fast. Tears had fallen into the dust of the playa, in reflection and memory of Matt Lackey. I held Romney as she held me, sharing stories in our teary-eyed laughter. As we turned around to take in our surroundings, I said, "I miss him so much. I love him so much. I feel him out there." We looked up at the sky at the same time and simultaneously saw a Blue-Green-White-Yellow streak of light PIERCE a quarter of our peripherals in the sky! I thought it was a lazer or a plane, only to realize it was Matt Lackey coming to us as an omen in the shape of an Asteroid. We were both in awe of the magic that the Playa Provides. Love you matt lackey!

Burning man is a place of true beauty. It is unlike any place in the entire world. You should probably go. If you don't like the dust, you probably shouldn't go. It's quite dusty. Go once and you can integrate burning man into your daily life! this is really fun :) I won't spend time convincing anyone to go to burning man, I'll see you there, Or I won't. I love you!

After the burn, I returned to Boulder for 4 days. Cleaned up and de-playa-fied my life. Said goodbye to Romney in the physical sense of being next to her, said goodbye to most of my tribe & went to Kentucky to bid my blood family farewell. I then came back to boulder for 24 hours so I could gather my closest brothers and sisters one more time.I am SO Grateful to the Jarboes for always hosting me at their home when I leave for a really long time!! I sat on the compliment blanket and received admiration, adoration, courage, and divine support from my brothers and sisters for this     E P I C journey I am swimming in now.


And began.

The now.


I sit in a tea shop on Brick Lane, in Eastern London on a busy Sunday where the Market is bustling amongst the cobblestone footing. I am living with a lovely supportive Atheist Sikh man who is quite well at communication; I'm grateful and happy for this! A blessed Flat located at #9, 1 Kings Arms Cross found me through a lovely sister, Libby! THANKS OLIVIA! At this point, I have been in the UK for 9 days. During this time I have made 3 friends, visited the Beaches of Normandy in France with my parents (where DOOMSDAY occurred, so powerful. Crazy- Different time, same place), ate amazing food, explored two exciting parts of London named Camden Market and Brick Lane, dropped into the portal that is StoneHenge, learned how to use the tube system, Start a 10-day health reset transformation to ground myself for school, and set my Sacred space!

Tomorrow Is day ONE at SOAS University! School of Oriental, Asian, and African Studies! Welcome week begins and I am excited to step foot onto campus and redirect lots of energy that has been stirred up within me over the past week. There has been a great freedom in wandering around in a city where I know Nobody and Nobody Knows Me. I feel... more free than I have felt before, despite missing my tribe. There is a deep curiosity within me, to know myself more than what I feel. I am on this journey here in London, focusing on myself, Dating myself, Loving my life & looking deep within as I reflect; in order to grow and expand consciousness. Each Day and Night I have consciously been setting Shields of Light into my Body & My Room, protecting me from the darker energies, that do indeed lurk around the streets here. I have gone through the fluctuations of extreme intensity over the past few days as I allow the residue of travel to begin to Settle - allowing Clarity of Purpose to Re:Reveal itself into my awareness... and it is now starting to arrive. My mission is remembering itself. I am nuzzling up into my seat~ accessing the hard-drive intell from my soul.


I am embarking on a Journey into the new year(L'Shana Tova!) and it begins NOW! I have been broken and broken open, ready to navigate the inner workings of the inventive mind through the Color-infused lens that is Yoga. While here, I am manifesting and magnetizing myself into a triBE is searching for me, just as I am searching for them, Open and willing to receive the positive reflection of growth. I am calling in a Yoga studio where I can Teach yoga at! I have taught for 6 years and come this October, it will be a solid year without a consistent teaching schedule and I am ready to drop back into offering public classes, within the style of what I am practicing.

We must always: Practice what we teach, teach what we practice! 

I am blessed to share this with you! Thank you for reading if you made it this far. I appreciate you and value what you are doing in your life! Truly, I'd love to connect with you and hear more. Start a conversation, especially if we don't talk too often, and most definitely if I don't know you! I'd like to know you!

For now, I am going to have a shake as I complete day 2 of this 10-day Health Transformation with these superfoods. Stoked on putting positive nutrition in my body after exploring the desert with my tribe for a month and eating the delicacies found in France :) This Friday I will see ODESZA in London, next month see NICOLAS JAAR in Paris, and early November get blessed up by OH WONDER in london. Life is so freaking blessed and I'm grateful to be ALIVE!


If you're in the area, feel free to connect as I'd love to share a cup of tea and talk about the universe and how amazing life is with you.


I love you. I bow to you.



Listen to the universe speaking through you today! (and If it doesn't go to our heads too much, as we wake up~  we can realize that we are god.....That's a realizing day!)


In Yoga,


Alec Vishal Rouben


more soon.