Workshops & Retreats

ALEC's WORKSHOPS: Please Join Alec for a special navigation through some of your favourite and foundational yoga postures. This is a Hatha & Iyengar approach to at least a dozen of the most important postures you will experience in a normal vinyasa class. It is often these postures are not provided the amount of attention they deserve in order to create a true alignment in the individual body. Create a solid Foundation In Stillness so there is integrity in your movement! There is a deep amount of complexity in these standing poses. You can expect to learn about your own personal patterns in the body, your obstacles, limitations, and limitlessness. With Alec’s over half a dozen training and extreme Eye of Attention that his teacher, Eddie Modestini installed into him, Alec will offer a unique approach to practicing yoga and living yoga out in the real life. These Workshops differ from normal practices and are guaranteed to inspire you to practice daily, on the mat and off the mat in your relations. After all, our life is a mere reflection of our yoga practice and vic versa. We will learn different techniques to postures you may know, integrate props into every posture, learn about meditation, some breathing techniques, and enjoy the company of one another.  This is a workshop-style class, so your questions are encouraged! Please see below for his upcoming workshops!



April 5th 1:30-3pm // BE Center // 1676 30th Street

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APRIL & MAY - Look out for classes and workshops on Kaua'i!



 Haridware, Ganges River, India, Jan 2017

Haridware, Ganges River, India, Jan 2017

JUNE 18th- 28th Yoga retreat to india!

Join Alec &  @Andrew7Sealy of The Yoga Revealed Podcast for a spiritual Journey through the motherland of Yoga! Visiting numerous sacred sites in India, full inclusive journey with three powerful leaders! Please email with 'INDIA REVEALED' in the subject line!



SEPT 1-8th Croatia Sail & Yoga Retreat


Craving a journey to get away to the ocean and drop into daily yoga? Alec leads an 8 day yoga & sailing journey across the turquoise waters of Croatia with two of his friends, Armin & Jeremy. This is a FULL inclusive retreat, from Professionally made meals, room & board, and twice a day yoga classes! There are discounts available if booked before June 1st AND for those who bring groups of friends. Email with 'CROATIA YOGA-SAIL' as subject line to learn more about this and discuss price breakdowns!

You can visit this website to learn more information and be further inspired by the intention of this travel journey!




Email with 'YRP Training' to learn more about this exciting opportunity. This is an ideal opportunity for those who have embarked upon a training in the past to FURTHER their studies and continue the journey to becoming a more integrated student and teacher! Andrew Sealy and Alec Lead a fulfill their dharma of service. What's yours?