A timeless click of the clock

journal entry written nov 21st on second plane ride from Vancouver to Germany- en route to Bangalore, India. 




A blimp on the the skyline, we move beyond the timeline-

falling far into the rise and fall of the sun time.

looking out of the oval eyehol - night reveals a depth unfathomable to the eye- yet limitless to the mind.   

The stars aid to remove any and all of what was in the way of creation.  

The perspective expands- uplifting dreams, aspirations~ conjuring an upwelling of unwavering courage.  



all with a single gaze, an alternate univers  manifests. Over and over again. Again and again. 

There he sat in wonder, awe, undeniable curiosity.  

The blimp remains. The earth turns. Time clicked, clocked. The man left his earthly home. 

Spirit revealed.

in the end?  

He was told we already have everything we have been looking for-  






we can't obtain something we already have.  

Divinity is within us.  



Post practice - prayer to patanjali idol  

Post practice - prayer to patanjali idol