The Depth of Savasana

Hi. Lets talk about our surrender. 


I've never written a blog post, but have been inspired to start writing a bit more after finishing my thesis...

I am not a professional writer...nor do I strive to be one. I simply wish to express my thoughts <3 I do not consider myself a poet, or a connoisseur of word choice, in fact, I excel at rambling! So these posts will be a internal journal for the external world to read if you choose... 

The Final Pose. 

ahh......yes...the juicy five minute savasana.. 

I remember my first savasana. this is it? I get to stay here and do nothing? well, this is worth it. Later would I come to realize...I'm really doing something here. giving in. 

Savasana is the bridge between our internal landscape of emotions and practice to the external experience of being human. It is the middle ground of meeting the earth with surrender. 


Over the past three years, my personal yoga practice has morphed, gone through high climbs, plateaus, and more recently seen the infinite climb up what is seen as The Eight-Limbed Path. Savasana has always been a unique experience. I have felt moments of the AH-HA, enlightening awakened state towards a situation or an encompassing answer I have been longing has come to me in this state of surrender and acceptance.  

HOLDING SPACE as a teacher in savasana is so interesting. I learn so much in those 3-7 minutes. I think yoga etiquette as a student is important. For those who may not know....It is such a sacred space we enter together...and the portal of surrender closes when we leave the room...together. If a student gets up while the community of students are in savasana, it is one the greatest disturbances to the energy in the room, I believe. I have noted my own emotions and controlled them when I feel someone may disrupt the energy in the room. This is a continual practice for me. 



The Exit.

In savasana I tend to sit. I may offer hands on love to someone...then find my seat at the front of the room. Usually in padmasana, and I bow forward to source. Giving thanks to have the opportunity to learn from my students, from my self, and furthermore: To ask for guidance. 

In my own practice, As I pull myself out of savasana, spirit showed me a beautiful way to move slowly....So this is how I have integrated it into my teaching practice. I say to my students:

slower than slow....draw the breath in.  pause.  Begin to tap your thumb to each pad of finger...moving slowly... pause.  as the thumb makes a full round along the fingertips, receive an expansive inhale....let the exhale flex your hands; toes, roll your wrists & ankles....full body stretch. roll onto your side and find a few deep breaths. pause. We will meet sitting at the top. 

I have been offering this exit of savasana, exit to the surrender that is the pain and beauty of life to my students for about five or six months. Through this i OBSERVE>> I have watched students tap their fingers in a very calm, methodical finger tip exploring the grooves and mini mountain hills that rest among each finger....some move from one finger to next as if being chased by a storm...some, stay on a single finger for an entire breath.... if shows me how much I do not know.

The vast variety of how people move their fingers are proof to me that:  I Do Not Know Your Story.

For this, I hold space, i have compassion. knowing not whether this be a good day, hard day, easy day, happy or sad day for you. Holding space is something that we are all capable to do for one another. Through the gaze of the eye, through meeting each other with silence, a hug, or words of recognition....I HEAR YOU! I SEE YOU! for in the end of the end....I am you. 

May we all stay a bit longer in savasana...May we enter the space together and leave together.... holding space with one another for the journey that is this crazy human life. 

( ( ( <3 ) ) ) 

with all my love,

Alec Vishal Rouben