Inspirations from Gili T island

My last few days in Indonesia were spent on the beautiful islands of Gili Trawanagan, giliT- and I was so fortunate enough to meet some very special people. People who live by connection & insist on spreading joy through each other! One of the people, Jennifer is going to be the next Oprah; seriouslllyyyy.

check it out:  

Below you will see the starter video to her mission: traveling the world and spreading joy.... While helping as many people as possible! a true Soul Tribe Sister: stepping into the world and making a difference! 


That's the beauty of traveling... Meeting many people and seeing whether or not it is worth the time and energy to grow & travel with them.... If it's not... Move on with the solo flow! If it is worth it... Take a day or two and play tribe flow! check her video out below...  

If you liked it... Watch her bunjee jumping video in a chicken suit on her YouTube page. It's hilarious. 



tonight a video of fast scooter rides, epic waterfalls, surya namaskars and handstands on the beach are to come :)