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Written Jan22, 10:09pm

The healing nectar of yoga..

Ganesha shrine at Balibbu hostel

Ganesha shrine at Balibbu hostel

Our human bodies are capable of so much. So much feeling, creation, destruction, and growth. Sometimes... BEing sick is a part of the game. 

Granted the practice of yoga asana is already a part of our life...(or whatever your practice is....) this post relates to being in sickness~ and showing up to practice.

If we want our practice to be a lifelong practice, we are guaranteed for a trüe ride; ups, downs, heavy & light feelings, everything is felt sometimes where nothing comes into feeling. I confidently say we have all been happy or sad----  and maybe we have shown up to the mat.... That transformative power of self reflection in the sixty-ninety minute class seems to help. 

What about when we are ill? 

We are able to observe the yoga as therapy. As a medicine--- to come back into the sacred temple and absolve toxins or unwanted visitors in our bodies.

The last 48 hours I got quite sick in the first week of my travels in bali. Each morning a shuttle picked me up for Mysore practice starting at 745am, lasting until 10am. 

With the new energetics of a culture, meeting countless numbers of new people each day, waking up early this first week regardless of jet lag, in combination with a rigorous Mysore practice; sickness made sense. Nasty body aches with a harsh sore throat. On jan 20th at 2am the aches came and took me down. I had to honor my body and sleep in.... Missing practice for the day. The day was tough but I kept the lens of curiosity on and positivity helped me stay afloat. 

Yoga Barn shrine

Yoga Barn shrine

On the 21st, I decided to go to Mysore and sit. I did one Surya Namaskar A and said, 'nope, no way!' I sat and began to drop deep into meditation for two hours.

Before I had shown up for Mysore, Radha, the teacher at The Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center provided a such clear fire for me to be inspired by;, sharing with me comfort & compassion. Her and Prem both held space for me and I sat for an hour and laid in a deep savasana for nearly 45 minutes. 

 Jan 22nd, I felt clarity as I rose with the sun! I head into Mysore eager to practice. Radha & Prem shared much with me on how to maintain strength, direction, and observe the energetics of the body, so not to burn out all the energy in my body; possibly inviting the nasty bug back in.

Coconut water post practice... That's the nectar!! ;)

Coconut water post practice... That's the nectar!! ;)

so I stepped onto my mat and observed my breath in a new fashion- in a way for it to be therapy for me. Instead of trying to burn the fire, or 'work my body' I was practicing to heal my body, using my breath, internal observance, and imagination of my minds eye. I moved through the primary series and got to the end of the marichiasana seeies; about half of the seated series. I noticed my ego wanted to finish, but it would have drained me. I observed my energy levels, with reminders of humility from Prem, and moved into the closing postures, eventually coming into a comfortable meditation. 

Here is where the juice became nectar! All I had been observing in my body; the subtle aches from my neck & shoulders to the terrible nail in my throat I felt when I swallowed; I just sat with the experience in my body. Not wishing it away any longer, just being with the experience.... Letting things be as they are. For just a brief moment; I transcended past the pain of my sore throat! 😮 Next thing I knew; I was in savasana. Deep.... Heavy... Long rest. My body was at its most simple state of experiencing life this morning... So it felt.

So... This may make no sense at all!  Don't take my word for it, experience it yourself. Show up to your mat when you feel 100%! Show up when you feel 75%. Show up when you feel OK...


How about 20%? show up then. Without forcing your body, moving slow with the reminder of the healing nectar that exists within *our* breath..... and practice your practice.... Which in turn... practices.. You. Your practice is now literally practicing you. 

If we only show up when we feel good, happy, incrediblystrong & ready to move.... What good is this practice for our life for when things get real- hard- sick & ill.

We practice. Of course, honor your body. If you can sit; meditate! Breathe? 20 breaths.... Asana? Practice with strong awareness that this is a practice for healing you today. Each day is different. 

Remember..... This too shall pass, always! 

A fun scooter go pro video coming soon.....😀

I hope all my friends are doing well & feel healthy. I send my love to you....! 💚🙏💚

Ashtanga Yoga Bali Shala

Ashtanga Yoga Bali Shala

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