I almost got hit in the face. but Love won :)

The Power of Touch.

The Effect of Communication.

The Influence of Love.

December 30th, 2014. Denver, Colorado, Decadence. Bassnectar.


Heres the story.

I'm at decadence with best friend, Megan Powell and we are enjoying ourselves, dancing and grooving to the sound of bass throughout the massive room that is the event center in Denver.

We chose to head over to disclosure and we ran into some darkness.

a woman was walking right at Megan, so Megan shifted in order to avoid a shoulder to shoulder collision. In that moment, an asian brother turning around and yelled at the top of his lungs,

"Fuc*#+* BiT*#!"   I sensed that he felt cool. 

Instantly, I turned around, and presented an energy stance to him that read,

"Absolutely not okay. Unacceptable." 

And to my surprise, he yelled to me,

"What Mother Fuc*#$?! Wanna Fight?!" 

I grabbed Megan's hand and we walked away. I turned a shoulder and this brother decided to redirect his flow, leaving his friends, and follow us. He followed us for about 100 yards or more, walking faster and faster. Until I finally turned around to face him. We faced Eye To Eye and i observed his body language. His fisted were clenched, jaw was tight, chest was lifted and 'proud'. He was ready to fight.

with an harsh and overly proud voice he said, 

"Whats the problem?!" 

I looked at his aggressive stance; Noting to myself that he was blinded by anger and hate. Instantly, before making any quick gestures, I calmly placed my hand on his heart and said, 

"No problem. Only Love." 

He said,

"wait, Wha?"


"Theres no problem, brother. There is only love. There is No need for this hate & you know that. There is Only Love here."

He responded with confusion, 

"Oh, Okay.....(pause) right."

I released my hand from his heart, leaving Megan and I to walk in the opposite direction from this misled brother.

In retrospect, I thought to myself...when he asked me up close, what was the problem.....what was it? Well you called Megan a fu*#$*% Bit*#... That is not okay by any means. So that was the problem. But in the moment, I stepped away from defensive ego mode and fully into BEing. I stepped into LOVE.


This was the first time I feel I have ever done something like this. It was extraordinary. 

The power of communication.... & the influence of touch has the possibility and high probability to shift all darkness away from its root; fear. Leaving us to move through love. As cheesy as it sounds...Many of the unconscious and dark driven brothers find this sense of love connection foreign...possibly weird and uncomfortable.

I believe It is POWERFUL. 

There are many dark filled beings out there.... & there are many ones driven by light.

As warriors of light, and humans of heart, I believe it is our opportunity to step into the dark and show others a new way. 

I was totally nervous when facing this dude. I was scared. I chose to not let fear guide me. 

In all situations...positive or negative, the power of communication will always be a guiding light towards success. violence has never been an answer in my life. 

I felt inspired to share this short story with you. 

Big love to you... 

Look out for following posts as I travel across to South East Asia in a few weeks!


( ( ( <3 ) ) )