Adventure of awareness

Wow boulder. Truly BOULDERblessed. A boulder sun moving over the Flatirons as I make way to DIA. 


I write on this iPad as I embark on travels that will shift me, mature me, and force me to bring deeper awareness to my surroundings. Boulder has blessed me over the last five years. So many people have come into my life... and left my life. Or did I leave theirs? I'd love to tap into that right now. 


I believe... As we step into the practice of self evolution & self growth.... We make this cosmic choice of consciousness to MOVE forward. To BEcome something more than we are..... Sometimes by connecting to something greater than ourselves... (Yoga collective, source, God, the universe, Whatever you hold as your most high connection....). As we move forward into cultivating awareness of the self... Sometimes others cannot keep up. It may be unconscious.... Or it may be that others are not yet ready to move out of negative patterns or toxic ways of living. This is where things get tricky! How do we move forward without being a total asshole to our friends and/family who are staying where they are, which possibly pulls us down? A practice of creating space and distance I believe.... Without X'ing them out of our life, it comes from a place of being selfish with intention. For us to take care of ourselves. This is what each day comes down to. Did you take care of yourself today? Sometimes by creating distance in relationships not healthy for you growth? 


This is one of the biggest challenges and hidden blessings I experienced through my time at CU. From being a camp counselor in the summer, to participating in my fratnernity of Theta Xi, to my more now influential community of yoga..... I have had to create space in many relationships. Some of them healed & came back into my life..... and some, well... Became part of my past. I might not speak to them because there isn't much connection anymore. And that's okay, I believe. It's a process, and we all have our processes; different from the next person. This is where we must not only honor OURselves.... But others in their process of evolution.




As I embark on a solo travel across the world, my biggest challenge I foresee will be complete awareness of others & my surroundings. I am traveling to Indonesia & Thailand in solo flow.... Then off to Costa Rica to meet up with the LOVEtriBE for envision music festival!

solo flow...Some of the best and most rewarding kind of flow! Next to traveling with a beloved lover that is... 💚



i am nervous! I am excited! The last year in boulder has been a year of potent growth in so many ways. My teaching practiced excelled as I taught at 4 music festivals, gained entry into two new yoga studios as an instructor, and planted the seeds of yoga in Boulder, to help me achieve my souls destiny. To be a bridge of worlds. To help many people through this practice of yoga... Boulder, I will be back!! My asana practiced advanced greatly thanks to the teachings learned at the Yoga Workshop, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. I created a new relationship that has grounded me firmly and set the stage for me to travel smart & feel my strength as a growing Divine Man in this world.  



So... Here I go... By myself, but most importantly, WITH myself. 


 am blessed. This has become a mantra that is within my heart & entire BEing... It is in my molecular structure. 

Don't forget to look up at the stars.... especially when you (we) feel  disconnected

Don't forget to look up at the stars.... especially when you (we) feel disconnected

Once upon a time, I believed the opposite. I felt was cursed. I had a huge distaste for the experience that was life. This was many moons ago.... Till I had a wild experience in a rainstorm under a willow tree in Louisville Kentucky..... A story for another time... The point is though.... We all hold a potential to reach a state of FEELING blessed. To DE-stress our bodies & move forward with a sense of growth in INtention. this is possible for each of us. 

More words, pictures, and posts to come on this blog post from me.... 

To my brothers, sisters, & lovers in Boulder, the influence of my campers & fellow counselors from 3BC, peers from high school, my family, and all who have touched me.... I send my prayers of love, protection, and best of LIFE to you! I'm excited to be here now & even more excited to return to the bubble that is Boulder. Whatever your practice is.... Do it! That's the blessedest part of why it's called a practice. Sometimes are just a bitch & some days flow smoothly. I believe in you. the universe put us here for some reason..... this is my message to translate through. 




I don't consider myself a scholarly writer what so ever, so forgive the grammar mistakes... What I do feel is that I am becoming a scholar of life. With a grain of salt I invite you to read these words, as this will be an internal journal for the external world.  



ALL my love





( ( ( LoveLiFE  ) ) )