Adventures of a Yogi: under the sea!

What a week! I arrived in Thailand on Jan 29th and started my scuba certification program the next day. Up to February 4th I would spend 7am-6pm learning scuba techniques on how to not be a 'bloody fool' while under water, as instructed by my British teacher, brian. He absolutely loved that I dove in tights. HA! 

At first, my dive certification was to only take three days, but the lovely thing about traveling is that you may not know what you're next step is! Each day I have been in Thailand, I have been SO blessed to teach yoga at CC's Hideaway, a lovely resort hidden up in the mountains near the Big Buddha (picture coming tomorrow!... It's gigantic!)  

so come day three of my stay, I met up with brother Sean hall and we shared my room, fully accommodated because I taught a yoga class each day! How blessed!! but I wanted to start my advanced certification for scuba; another three days, so I asked the hotel owners, a beautiful gay couple from Hawaii if I could extend my stay and teach more yoga; they were thrilled!  


Here's my experience with teaching yoga in Thailand; challenging!

I had to dumb down everything I know... So I could get my language of yoga, influence of breath, and power of self-practice across to multiple nationalities. I was blessed to teach people from Dubai, the Netherlands, Australia, France, and some Americans; all with little to no understanding of alignment in asana! So I had some work to do :) classes from 3-7 people invited me to be fully present in service to them. I felt I was only capable for this task due to my boulder yogi crew & teachers for teaching me so fully. From my early days of teaching at PrAna to my first hundred classes at Corepower yoga; I couldn't have done it without you. So many teachers in boulder come across that I received so much from; joy, Derise, Richii, robBylouD, shannon Paige, Steph, Amy H, Stephen uvalle, raj, megPow, roberto, Tsparks, janelle, Chelsea, rachelgasner, jarBz, Reace, lisa F, Frances, Tunde, and so much more to name! I felt prepared & grateful! 

Our svadyaya never ends My friends! asana has been hard to find a daily practices involving, but sitting twice a day is quite accessible. AM & PM! I used to loathe sitting in the morning; truly... Last thing I wanted. But now... After three weeks of Just Doing It, I love it! it almost becomes a cheap high... With a lot of effect🙊& influence on my day! 

To my traveling yogi friends..... It dawned upon me; when traveling always feel free to ask management of a hotel, guesthouse, or resort that you are a proficient yoga teacher and are interested in sharing your passion & knowledge of yoga... In return for room accommodation! The worst that they say is no... And you still show up as a customer. I'm putting this energy out to the universe for the rest of my travels! I'll keep you updated 😘.  



back lack to scuba diving.... Holy moly!!  

At this point, feb 5th; I have spent 8 hours under water breathing oxygen. Dove down to 27 meters; or around 88 feet! Sean hall, fellow brother of the tribe from Boulder has connected with me in Thailand & we are headed onto a live aboard program this weekend; 4 days, 11 dives & 2 night dives. I've been dreaming of diving with bioluminescence.... Is this the weekend?!? 

It's an incredible experience to be so deep underwater, halfway across the world, breathing oxygen?!? and wearing tights?! That's next level blessed.!!!  


The energy in phuket has been.... Less than I had hoped for. Bali filled me with spirit. The southern areas of Thailand are quite touristy... come next Monday Sean & I will be due north for Chiang Mai- a spiritual hub; so I hear. I've been walking around with the mini love life sign in my backpack, spreading the message in a basic way.  Someone saw and said, 'love what? Life? Why to love?' in broken English...


the language barrier has been quite the challenge in Thailand, but a smile goes a long way. Our job; our purpose- to spread consciousness and love on a global scale. Some areas are further than others in the world.... Sean and I have had powerful conversations on how to spread such love in the more rowdy areas of phuket. It's definitely a challenge. I believe it is possible! Yoga is a bridge... To bring people together from all corners of the world. I feel this is one my callings in life.... 🙏 

 I have been missing my friends a lot. My beloveds. What is fueling me forward is that I know; all this is temporary... I look forward to return home in April.... But even more so; to see my true lovers in Costa Rica for envision music festival! what a gathering that was last year..... If you can make it.... take the leap. A journey of a lifetime... Truly. 


im off to sleep now my friends. I love you. Thank you for sharing this experience with me. <3



make this day beautiful! Tomorrow will be even better 😘  





an underwater video coming next week :)