travel days headed to the liveaboard of KhaoLak Scuba adventures! 


Before leaving Blessed Colorado, megan offered the best advice when entering travel days; (hope to...) Expect to have no expectation about how the day will go.... Because most likely it won't go your way! phew... Sure went that way as Brother Sean and I were trying to leave Phuket to make the boat that takes off in KhaoLak; 3.5 hours north of Phuket. Long story short; handstands, deep breathing, and trust that everything is happening in alignment of the moment is all we have while waiting... but taking action has to be ready to surface in the moment. Eventually... We made it to KhaoLak with an hour to spare! Miscommunication is huge here in Thailand; so making sure confirmations are received is key. 

And so we step onto a medium sized boat, the MantaQueen2 for three days and three nights with one goal: Dive Exploration of the Andaman Sea! (INSERT OCEAN VIEW PIC!)Our days start early at 6am promptly... And take us into the water no later than an hour of waking up with a deep red ball of fire rising into


We Eat. Dive. Sleep. Repeat, four times a day! I'm impressed with the food on the boat as it is made by a sweet Thai women; PHEW SPICY!💥😼😵😅 💥 the dives are incredible; 11 dives in three days, up to 30 meters; 60min maximum. I write this on day two in between dive 6 & 7. So far we have seen multiple jellyfish; massive octopuses, abnormally large barracuda, dozens and dozens of schools of fish, beautiful little sea snails known as nudibranch, and a plethora of many other fish. We have been calling in manta ray consciousness..... :)  


I have been sitting in mediation while on this boat, which has been a beautiful experience. "A thought filled meditation is not a bad meditation. A fidgety meditation is not a bad meditation," said a teacher in boulder. 

The boat is quite wavy, naturally... So we move with the flow. whether it is at 6am, 11am, or nearing sunset into night time, I sit twice a day. Staying in my practice is the utmost important thing to me while traveling through this journey that is life. I love to take my minds eye farrrrrr out into the stratosphere and imagine seeing little crzyindianjew floating along the sea halfway across the world. And then I take that birds eye view over across to boulder and send my love to my friends at hOMe. I miss my friends..... Excited to see you in Costa Rica, family 💚

there are 18 other divers living on the boat & multiple languages. I would say I might be the most lively character on the boat... Ha ha ha 😻 We've been having fun with good music, hearing dive stories from the guide masters, and spreading dat LOVEtriBE vibe on the boat! I fully enjoy taking the seat of studentship while leaning how to scuba dive. A great teacher of mine in Boulder once said, "there are no stupid questions."


Guys. I asked a fu*#@$% idiotic question & laughed it off. 

Upon getting into the boat, I asked to Sean' "I wonder where they store all the air for the cylinders (tanks)..."

Sean: 'are you serious?' 

Me: (pause)

Me: the atmosphere... Huh? 

Sean: "wow dude." 

Once he told our dive master that, I wouldn't hear the end of it!!! Haha. so we just gotta laugh at ourselves sometime.... We all have moments ;) right?! 😘

Life underwater... Moves in such fascinating ways. Whether it's the moray eel, hiding in crooks and crevices, waiting to explore the darkness of night. Or the camouflage'd scorpion fish, looking like a rock ready to impale any bypassed with a poisonous deadly fin attack. Or the brainless & spineless jellyfish, pulsing with the flow of current; one with the consciousness of the ocean. Of the smaller living organisms found, colorful corals ranging from neon to iridescent, finger size nudibranch (google it 😘) and so Sean & I became One with the psychedelic underwater universe!  

And now... Traveling north up near Bangkok and meeting a friend from Denver in Thapsakae with brother Sean & then moving towards Chiang Mai! Reace, if you're reading this, I'm sure Misha sends her powerful blessing to you 💚


Although the top section was written on Feb 8th, it is now February 10th and I have not found wifi and I felt an urge to write. I am on a crazy ass Thai train that makes wild screeches as if the tracks were screaming bloody murder down a white chalk board with the sharpest nails ever. 😞😵😵😵😵 our travel day is out of control; that's what Sean and i are learning.... To take as much initiative as possible; eat what is edible when provided for, and express gratitude for each others presence. the Thai bus rides are quite the heart attack too! Since its 1:30am on this train ride & I have another few hours to go, I'll stop writing & hope for a smooth arrival into thap sakae! Enjoy the journey, friends :) 

check out this video of underwater adventures! 🙏💚🙏