Nuzzle up into your seat

hi my friends. I hope you are well <3 if you have read any of these words on this blog, I give thanks for your attention and energy shared. Sometimes as I write, I don't imagine these words will be read, yet I write them as I believe the universe tunes in to me as I express myself. 


These are a complication of words that came to me as I observed my morning and evening meditations on the beach over the last week.  


nuzzle up into this seat. 

eye lids connect. 

take a moment to tune in.

waves crashing. Crickets. Wind. Softness.  

Glimpses of breath, rising and falling.

Eyes open to find reassurance. To see safety. To feel here. 

gaze up to see a painting of light, stars shining hope and faith upon the night.

eyes connect to projection point, third eye creation sight.

stillness. it comes and goes through mantra. 

nuzzle up into the seat. 

Thoughts move slower than they have before. 

And then....  here, now, sleep comes. 

 waves crashing walls of water, birds singing songs to ponder, waking with the colorful sky, might bring us into life.

nuzzle up in the seat. 

Glazed eyes of exhaustion transform into eyes of curiosity. 

Nuzzle into the seat. 

So in love with life...  willing to be dissolved & re-created.