the illusion of age

What's my age again? 

I always loved blink 182. Straight up no shame! 


this post is more of a vent.... A share from my experience of living as an empowered 'young yipper snapper' in the world, loving life by choice, and spreading my light everywhere I go. 


Age. Such an interesting experience.... Age... Your years of life as a human BEing... In THIS life.

This goes out to my fellow yoga teachers who are under the age of 25. 

I started practicing yoga at the young age of 20... And so I shall carry this to my grave and into the stars... Into oneness. I started teaching the service of yoga at age 21. I felt the calling to develop my teaching skills through self-study at 22.... And forever this shall be. 

In the last two years I have (I say past tense because I am traveling and currently not teaching) been HIGHLY blessed to teach at Prana, Corepower Yoga, Yoga Pod LODO, and The Little Yoga Studio in Boulder, CO. From the start, my age has been a factor as to whether or not I got hired.... Whether or not some potential students wanted to take my class and learn from someone of my age (my projection, I am aware of that...) or whether or not I felt confident during any certain classes -----edit this 

\\SiDENOTE// I have always felt that I carry something within my being that is urging to be shared with the world; about oneness consciousness, about connecting, about....(that LOVETRIBE vibe) Something... Yet I feel my age has held me back from sharing such medicinal truth with many. I have created that for myself, and so I shall destroy that barrier myself.  shiva, Kali, I call you in. Here and now! 

one day at the little yoga studio, a lovely middle aged women comes to take my class, but mentions to me before class' "I was hesitant to take your class because you're a young yipper snapper!" 

Phewwwwwwww. That ate at my bones for months. I'll be raw and admit that it totally bugged me! Now I have seen it through a lens of sarcasm on her part, but coming from a space of truth. Yes... You have years of experience, but you don't have my experience, nor do I have yours. Can we learn from one another? I sure got a message from it. Don't take my self so damn serious all the f'ing time!! especially while in personal practice & teaching. 

<OM BOLO SHRI SAT GURU BHAGAVAN KI> *jai*.   - Bhagavad gita.   


“the teacher within is the only teacher of truth.” May we thank the gurus and teachers that surround us.... But always be grateful to and trust the beautiful guru within.


so it comes down to this. 

You ask me how old I am? I ask in humility, and a bit of sarcastic truth; how many times I have circled around the big ball of fire we call the Sun on this semi-small yet big rock we call Earth? Moving at incredible speeds?! just twenty three times and I've got a couple dozen more rounds to make 😘


i have carried an insecurity of my age with me for far too long now... But all things must come to an end! A level of wisdom comes from age, which moves forward with experience. I am excited to learn what I don't know and acknowledge where I have grown from. I invite you to do the same <3


PAi triBE!&nbsp;

PAi triBE! 


My last few days in Thailand are upon me. I spent this past week in a little hippie town called Pai! The week has been filled with miracles around each corner. Pai could be one of two things for you.... The Hill in Boulder on a Saturday night.... Or tonic on pearl on a Saturday night :) all depends on what kind of energy you're bringing in ... 😘 From organic foods, to beautiful big Buddhas in hillsides, cold waterfalls, and extensive caves moving deep into the earth... With the sounds of a didgeridoo echoing through the peaks and slopes of the stalactites. The days were smooth and chill. Waking up naturally by the song birds playing such unique tones I have never heard of was a blessing. All sorts of tones, songs, and crazy patterns coming from dozens of exotic sounding birds as I laid in the SUPER cold brisk bungalow as father sun was rising to greet us. Crazy how cold it gets in the early morning! Colorado style!

 Surrounded by new friends in these beautiful bungalows. What a gift! I met people I will see on the playa at the burn, I made new heart connections with brothers and sisters and lovers. It's amazing to me how simple it was.... Just by being open to the possibilities of the day.


I met an incredible brother. Native American and incredibly tall and handsome. I saw him and instantly felt how kind he was through the gaze of his eyes. After getting to know him a bit more I was inspired to ask how many times he has traveled around the sun as a human (not that it matters!!! 😯) and he said....

"I haven't told anybody that in three years."  




thats powerful.  

Further as the day progressed, EmilIano and I connected in strong conversation during our long motorbike rides through the windy hillsides of Mae Hong Song. Eventually I learned how many times he had traveled around the sun, but that is not something we talk about. It is irrelevant. All that matters is the presence we shared with each other & how we listenened to each other & spoke with one another.



so my friends.... Here's to never letting the experience of age hold you back. The generation that is NOW is creating the devices to take our species to the next level of evolution..... I BElieve it. 

I give thanks to all my reflections. students, teachers, brothers & sisters, friends, and lovers.... thank you for the gift of life, mom. 

here's to sharing what we know, to letting go of that which holds us back, and blessing the rest with all that awesOMe star dust that we are <3 



 ( ( ( <3 ) ) ) 

Written on a high speeding bus traveling from Ban Krut, southern Thailand to Bangkok.. while traveling at ridicules speeds around the sun!!! thanks for keeping me solid and grounded gravity. And this post has been edited and completed in a beautiful bamboo bungalow in pai, surrounded by unique individuals who all bring something special to the table <3 

To top it off.... Check this video brother brian Bradley made for me as I apply for Symbiosis Gathering...