Exerpt for LAyoga Magazine; Yoga Revealed in India

hello, my friends! I am SO overdue for an in depth writing of experience..... it's coming soon. On April 4th I landed on Maui to be with Eddie Modestini to celebrate my 26th birthday that week! What a true gift!! I am writing this from LA at my beautiful brother Andrew Sealy's house. He asked me to choose three episodes from yoga Revealed since Jan1st and write a few paragraphs about it. He's aubmitting it into LAyoga magazine! Blessed to share this practice and wisdom of experience with the community of LA! How cool! 


Soon.... I'll sit down and write about these 6 months in depth once the words are speaking to me in clarity.






-All available at www.YogaRevealed.com or iTunes On podcast app-

Eddie Modestini: The Yogi's Journey Towards Inner Peace. 

H.S. ARUN: India's Experience and Experimentation in Yoga

Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor: The Art of Vinyasa; Awakening Body and Mind through the Practice of Ashtanga Yoga



Fellow yoga seekers on the path, it is a pleasure to be connected to you! My name is Alec Vishal Rouben, Co-Founder of The Yoga Revealed Podcast! This podcast is rooted in sharing the wisdom of our times greatest and most devoted Yoga Teachers, reminding us of the divinity that we originate from. Today I have the honor to share three potent interviews from 4 Masters in their trade. I have spent the last months of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 traveling the world studying under some of the best Teachers and have their one on one interviews to share with You!


We are providing you with the opportunity to trace the lineage of yoga all the way back to Krishnamacharya & two of his primary students, BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois by listening to interviews with senior students of these two renowned gurus. Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor are dedicated to  the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and they share their hearts wisdom on our podcast as well as through their recent book release. Eddie Modestini taps into the source of Yoga's healing capabilities and how we can begin the journey towards inner peace. H.S. Arun goes back in time to his 50 years of studentship under Mr. Iyengar and shares his approach to the transformational effects of yoga! These are three of the most profound interviews I collected during my six months of travel across Asia.


My time in India left me feeling in awe as I walked over the same ground that ancient yogi's once practiced upon. Knowing that all my teachers (whom I share with you in these podcasts) have strong tethers of studentship in Mother India. Living with Eddie Modestini for three months changed my life and propelled me into the chasing what revealed itself to me as my very own Personal legend. Eddie is a student of Mr. Iyengar & Pattabhi Jois of over 25 years. Modestini holds a level of integrity unseen by Teachers in the modern world. At sixty four, Eddie stands by the healing capacity and transformational effects a consistent yoga practice offers, which further helped me polish and stabilize my intention of what it means to be a Student and Teacher in this path. My Personal Legend and Intention as a Yogi is to transmit the wisdom of Yoga to Millions of people across the planet through the study of the subject of Yoga over the course of my lifetime. This is an intention that India helped me realize just as much as the Yoga Revealed Podcast helped bring to the surface!


India is a place of high intensity, steeped in the spirit of BEing. A country where the nature of Soul is looped in Birth and a Death, reBirth and Reincarnation, seeking liberation. This is a land where countless deities are prayed and called upon daily in ritual and prayer. The people of India have a belief system that is different than how many of us operate, here in the states. There is something we all can learn from one another. Not only does installing ourselves in the understanding of the nature of the Soul, but also cultivating a state of Faith for our human condition bring us to seek acceptance to life's circumstances with contentment.


India is a cocphany of sights, sounds, and smells. There is a relentless barking of dogs that sound off at all hours of the day and night, matched with constant sirens ringing at every octave, piercing any level of what one feels they have as patience. Sounds enticing, right? I believe it becomes imperative in a yogi's path to travel outside their comfort zone and go to a place such as India where the roots of Yoga began and experience life Truly As It Is. The Yogi is ever present with whatever is arising in the field of the mind, as it arises, without great attachment (raga) or aversion (dvesha) to the momentary experience. The yogi is aware of the passing moment. India teaches this and More!


Andrew Sealy and myself, Alec Vishal Rouben are here to share with you the teachers who can help you take the next step in your yogic evolution! Stay tuned with us on instagram through @yogarevealed, @aleclovelifeyoga, and @andrew7sealy! You can find us as this summers most potent yoga gatherings; Hanuman Festival in Boulder, Colorado June 2017 & Wanderlust Lake Tahoe June 2017!


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Upon returning from asia; my body was feeling depleted in light of health, real energy, and a feeling of vibrancy. The day I saw Eddie, he blessed me with protein Amino Acids, superfoods green shakes which uplifted me to NEW heights! If you want to experience these superfoods that I am on; send me a message and I can share more info with you. Dedicated to healing on numerous levels for us all!! 


I will write soon.  


I love you so much!