The Man Meets His Boy (Peeling Off the Inner Scar of the Child)

This is an investigation of the inner child within ~ When there was a time in life that involved a dissolved sense of Awe & childlike Curiosity. Noting an experience when innocence disappeared. The Bold Letters represent words of wisdom from evolved self, meeting the young boy, while he is being seduced and consumed by realities edge. 


Inspired by my brother Kiefer Avi ~ the truest wizard I know investigating Neurosculpting® 



In a Realm where... "Once upon a time" existed with an illusive tale of family perfection (understood with an ongoing state of contentment) 


There was a Boy who felt a light inside. (and this light expanded infinitely each day.)


He smiled, laughed, and joked with his family; feeling the love. 


The Boy and The Dog, Weeko, were best friends.


They played outside everyday, running through the open backyard amongst the towering trees. 


She even played video games with The Boy.


The Light inside the Boy began to experience an rooftop that enclosed his heart with each passing year. (However, his light held a center of Truth and Radiance that could never be dimmed.)


The Parents yelled. The Parental's fought. (But The Boy smiled and was told by spirit, everything will be okay.)


One one specific day, The Boy threw his heavy head of confusion & drenched eyes into the Red Leather LOVseat, feeling everything was his fault. (The Boy would cry openly, knowing that tears were the signs of emotional clarity in his hurt and produced freedom.) 


A fantasy world of anxiety arose when The Boy felt he could fix everything. (The Boy knew he was responsible for his thoughts and actions alone, no one else's.) 


But. He couldn't. (The Boy listened to the Intuitive Stream of how to Be. He simply could... BE.)


The Aloneness crept upon him each night, keeping The Sandman away from recalling the boy to the dream world. (Until the stillness of meditation revealed Life As It Truly Is in the present moment.) 


So, upon another day, in the midst of the moonlight, The Boy decided to crawl out of his bed.

He Tip-toed down the hallway.


Walked through the living room and lay down on the ground next to the kitchen door, which had closed, just moments before his stealthy arrival.


The Parental's had hoped to keep the decibel of their voices low from the assumed sleeping Boy. (The Boy was waking up.)


The Boy laid in the dark room, feeling the cold wooden floor, with squinted eyes from the kitchen light as it pierced through the crevice under the door. 


The Boy heard his name strung together with Earth Shattering thoughts and stories. (Destiny unfolded with a wellspring of strength and confidence to be integrated throughout The Boys life.)


He cried and tried to not make a sound. 


But He did. (Angels held The Boy.) 


The door opened and they sweetly said with grave concern, "How did you get there?" Praying The Boy did not overhear the topics of their imminent separation. (He learned to accept that which is beyond our control.) 


Pretending to know nothing, The Boy played 'dead', wondering what that would be like. He Still Does. (The Boy is so blessed to be alive & radiates loving kindness with each blink of his eye.) 


The Parents walked The Boy to bed. 


The days, months, & years went by. (With an anticipation of a great mystery unfolding...)


Anxiety, Self-doubt, and worry through conviction kept the boy second guessing relationships, school, and every facet of decisions in his life. (He tasted True Love, Friendship, Ecstasy, and Trust in The Universe. Thus, helping the boy truly open his eyes for the first time.)


The inner wisdom became quiet. (Until He began to see himself in others.)


Disconnection from nature became real when video games took precedent. (Interconnectedness synchronized his heart into the vibration of all beings -- and He fell in Love.) 


Negative fantasies, violent projections, & distrust in the earthly world had initiated. (Helpful stories of wealth in the Tribe were whispered through the winds. Cosmic Creations of Expansion and True Understanding of the world at hand began to unfold.)


Then the world began with each day being a new challenge to wake up against and step forward into. (Each day became a blessing to open two eyes and experience the gift of air that is his breath.)


The Man had met The Boy inside. Years passed, twenty six to be exact. Love grew. And He Knew.

The world was huge

no longer caged by Fear. 

The walls went in every direction and they



The World became the Playground.

He learned from others to spread his Thesis of Love. 

He dotted the 'I's and crossed the 'T's; and began his mission.

with love in the heart of this Universe, I Give Thanks

with love in the heart of this Universe, I Give Thanks