Churning Shadow; Food Healing Light

The Man returned to a place where stress, depression, and daily challenge was strung together with anxiety, bringing the boy into a perpetual state of confusion. Thankfully, this was a just a chapter of a way of life that no longer existed as solidly as the ground he walks upon now. 

Louisville, My Old Kentucky Home.

Through the grace of Maktub, that which is writtenYoga Happened. The boys eyes' began to evolve into the young man whose eyelids became partially open, seeing a little more, day by day.  

The past six years, he returned home for just a few days, keeping in awareness The Willow Tree (which was a catalyst to the birth of embodying LOVELiFE). The Tree helped him peep his eyelids open for the first time at his nineteenth year of life, but it was just a glimpse into truth. Now, we are on the search for said reality. 

Through these past six years, Yoga has grounded down past patterns of Being & Anxiety that once ruled each moment.

Especially now • 

More than ever • 

The Young Boy Felt Like A Man Walking Upon Ash With The Essence Of Love Imbued Within


Dear, Body.

I am so grateful you are able to pay attention to the quality of thought in our mind, the texture of air that courses through our lungs. I love you SO much. It's been quite a journey coming to Love Who We Are. That Asia trip was pretty tough on you. I'm Glad Eddie Modestini gave us something to stabilize and optimize our energy systems, we needed it. Desperately. I promise to share what feels good to you with the world! These Superfoods help you with sustained energy, deep restful sleep, and focused productivity when we need to Lock It In. This is a blessing that has pacified our morning Hanger concerns from your crazy fast metabolism! How cool it is to feel so level and grounded upon waking up! Body, I'm excited to be on this journey of life with you! 


Your Soulful Companion known as Alec


Physical Body says, "Wow, Alec, We Feel Amazing!! Keep Doing What You're Doing And Put This Superfood In Your Body Every Single Day! It's Making A Huge Difference!"

Emotional Body says, "No. You're Sad. Dip Your Heart Into This Experience Of Grief. We Miss Matt."

One of a Dozen Stories passing through the field of awareness: "YOU'RE ALIVE! And Matt would want us to be living each moment, STOKED to breathe this fresh air and start this new amazing project of sharing superfoods!!! He is also so hyped that there's someone out inspiring you to Write more, Make decisions based on your TRUTH; not circumstances of life, as well as having you to think twice about how this could potentially make you a better human being. Wow... We are so BLESSED to ALIVE! This simple and overly shared statement has become a truth that is felt for the first time. 

There's this other story that plays through the field, less now than it has for a few weeks. We don't feel its worth the negative play of words, as to not taint your beautiful canvas of thought. So... 


I know someone who does this with each word written and spoken; and it continues to train our mind with ways of Being that are tantalizing to consider. It is a Shot of Awe. Every time! 


Another story that sharing superfoods has produced



So, the point being of this share; 

I just started working with this company that makes organic, Non-GMO products that are powerfully effective in helping people get Healthy, address health concerns, alter habitual relationships in eating, as well as making a solid second stream of income. This has proved to be a positive area for me to place my attention and focus, when things have been hard to place energy in. I feel grateful for a platform to express new forms of energy and creativity in! Feeling the call to SHARE! 

I am Looking for people who want to share this as a positive business prospect together; providing a healing modality for the planet, your body, and other peoples lives! Aligning with the mission to better our world! 

I'd love to share with you, the Reader, my friend, these amazing superfoods that have changed my life as a Human Being, A Yoga Student, Teacher, and as a waking mover of energy in the day. Let's connect! 


Bowing to the flow of shadows that are in flux each day, revealing the Light In Life. 

Remember, You Are So Beautiful.

You Make A Difference Each Day.



all my love,