Across The Room

'Elo, my friend!


I have been in London the past sixteen days & am beginning to find the ground beneath me. One of the greatest grounding factors is allowing myself to go through a 10-day Cleanse through my SuperFood Company while being here. And Trust me- I really didn't want to do that! I want to eat vegan sweets, all the amazing pastries, and enjoy the red wine... Thankfully I have a full year to do this! Having a routine has always been supportive of my lifestyle, even though the rebel inside of me begs to differ. I am grateful for all that has unfolded; as I trust in the universe and what will need to be, will be. Truly grateful for the shift that eating healthy and mindfully has brought into my life! - and WHO it has brought into my field!

Last night, September 29th, I had an amazing night which brought me closer to myself as I truly host the living intention to breathe: Be My Best Friend, Love Myself, Date Myself, and Be a Radical Self-expressive human being! I remember when I landed from Asia in Boulder back in April and woke up one day in total grief and sadness, due to the death of our brother, only to find that Odesza would be touring through London within a few weeks of me landing there! Immediately, I bought two tickets and it was a positive omen for the journey that was months away. So much life has happened since then, and life continues to happen before my eyes....and one of the biggest shifts is that LIFE is not forcing me to LIVE. I CHOOSE to live in a state of True happiness and cultivated abundance. I am a LIGHT BEING (and so are you!) We have the choice to be anything we want in this life.


Times Flies as this rock spins, hurling through space. My time here in London is about to get busy, quickly. I have always been great at balancing my work life & social life -- sometimes spending more time (and money) on the social life factor. I pray that I will continue to do that, as I magnetize myself into a conscious tribe of Life Lovers & Light Beings Radiating LOVE!

I have become somewhat adept at learning the tube lines and how to navigate them...making some mistakes here and there, resulting in laughter. It's good medicine, to laugh at our own mistakes sometimes! Afterall.... (I believe) that all is unfolding in divine purpose....My feet land exactly where they are meant to be. Synchronicity continues to guide the way... Do you believe that? What do you believe? Do you think we all have a purpose? A reason to live? Or is all this just a coincidence? These are questions that I tend to ask myself everyday.

Arriving at Odesza i was beaming LIGHT and pure excitement. My Solo mission journey was the only way I could have imagined BEing at Odesza! I prayed to Matt to join me and felt his presence seep throughout each cell in my being as the openers began. I was on the right side of the top balcony, gazing over the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd below (somewhat the size of The Boulder Theatre in Colorado). As Hayden James came on, I stood up and let my body loosen up, realizing I was one of 10 people standing- 3 of those 10 people dancing amongst the entire sold out upper balcony.

Initially, I felt; 'WHAT DOING!?'

followed by a critical: 'I'm on the wrong side because the other side has more people standing and kind of dancing. Then I laughed at the absurdity of this comment to my self and recognized my judgment. In the flow of conversing with myself, I said, 'No! that's so silly of you to say! You're on the Right side! Literally!" And I continued to dance, WWLD (What Would Lackey Do) style, which essentially is like DGAF! I could sense around me, that some of the individuals have not found a deeper awareness in their body to move so freely, and this is something I am grateful to be a light to inspire & celebrate the uniqueness that each individual holds; the Greater Potential of our Being to EXPRESS!(So we can BLESS it UP!) Someone had come up to me while dancing and we talked briefly; he had shared with me, you are so unique! I had commented how content I was to feel that apart of me felt like I don't fit in amongst the wandering pedestrians or even amongst some of the crowd here at the show. Kindly he said, "Mate, you're in London. Trust me. you FIT in. Your vibe is Camden Town and Kentish Town. Your people are there!" I recognized my closedness after this conversation subsided, only to feel it was a positive omen that I am indeed, getting closer to my tribe out here.

After Hayden James finished, A man came up to me and asked me If I was High On Anything. I said, "I'm high on my Life, Music, and Superfoods!" This conversation led to him asking me about my life, which brought Yoga into the mix, naturally. This brother shared he has a bad cocaine problem and wants to get off and requested my help through the practice of Yoga & Nutrition. Positive omen, if you ask me!  I gave him my number & A $50 gift card to Platinum Europe Superfood Health Stores. We'll see what unfolds with that!! Over / under he messages me? I think under....We shall see!

Odesza was coming on soon and I began to chat with the fellow next to me, who shares the passion forDeep House Music! And this mate, Rhys, told me that he was stoked to take me to a Club where all they play is Sexy Deep House Music!!! YAHSS QUEEN!!!

~You had me at Sexy Deep House Music~

I have been graced to see Odesza about half a dozen times, since 2013. Odesza at Lightning In a Bottle 2013 was an experience of Enlightenment, a Self-Realizing moment where I could truly, for the first time in my life, Surrender into Total Trust to the Divine Plan of Life Unfolding before me. Each time I've seen Odesza, I have been able to return to this place, allowing myself to access this Higher State of Contentment through my waking life and through other platforms of where I investment my Energy & Attention. Throughout the night of dancing to Odesza, I closed my eyes frequently, dancing freely, connecting to the infinite reach of the stars above, just as If I was in Red Rocks dancing amongst my Tribe! Naturally, there are moments of my Aloneness that pass through, which I have experienced daily while being here in london & quite often during my solo travels over the periods of my life. I do my best to embrace this moment where I am, with whom I am experiencing life with - especially if it is Me, Myself, And I. Through and Through, I love myself!

I am a close friend with my aloneness or Loneliness, which is a tricky game of playing the victim in our own experience of meeting ourselves where we are. First off- There is a profound difference between Aloneness and Loneliness. To me- one plays victim more than the other and holds a woeisme kind of nature to it.... Aloneness is a natural thing. To Be Alone with ourselves, stepping into the essence of our being and meeting ourselves in the Heart. I am a creature that strives on connection with others and what I have come to understand about myself, is that I have much work to do when it comes to cultivating Best Friend - Self-Love - True Santosha (contentment) within the layers of my Own Being, and that excites me! Because I already LOVE myself so much! And there is so much more to find out how to love! For me I have always found that a specific visualization aids me in finding togetherness with the world around me, reminding myself that I am never alone, despite being placed in a location away from those that aid in the Life Fuel of my heartbeat. Or- even when I'm in my bed alone.

Astral projection is a beautiful thing; sending awareness into the space of infinity- the stars - where Cosmic Nothingness and Absolute Oneness may exist. (I just feel something there. I towards that something. Often. It brings me comfort and security in my humanness. Because all in all, we are god...) In this space of viewing the curvature of the earth, the sun shining on half the globe, I am able to see myself, amongst the billions and billions of Beings. And here, I gather deep perspective on Where I am, Whom I am, and How truly fortunate I am to be living in this existence that gives me the opportunity to CREATE ANYTHING I WANT.


In Life, You can have anything you want



I believe that. So very much. I have attracted so many powerful things into my life, which began with the original seed intention of a thought. The Thought grew with careful attention and trust in the unfolding process.

I am feeling deeply prepared for this upcoming journey. My conviction has begun to grow. Monday is day one of School & I will begin to taste what will be demanded of me over this upcoming year of my life.


So, On this post, I don't have too much to share other than what has been spoken. Initially, I wanted to share the feelings of total trust that MUSIC provides & that we ought to always be ourselves, no matter what. I felt that I didn't belong here for a few weeks, where deep down; I was not exercising compassion for myself as I begin the settling process. The Process, is just that, a winding road filled with lefts, rights, & -u-turns because you meant to take that secret corridor that will lead you into a room filled with unlimited possibilities!

For now, I shall be in the request of omens to let me know whether or not I am to Sell my Handpan. Interested? I am in total manifestation mode and abundance for an opportunity to TEACH YOGA at SOAS university, Local Yoga Studios, Manifesting Superfood Brand Partners who want to build residual income from their phone, & finding myself a side Job while here in London!! There is a chocolate shop down the street from me with amazing vegan options.....and I might go check it out! HA!



Ta-ta for now. All my love.


More soon <3