Medicinial Moments of Gratitude


Aloha and namaste, my beautiful friends! Thank you for continuing to read this post and tune in as I share my experience of living in London!

I am remembering: BEing in extreme gratitude for one of my destinies & life bound purposes of service; teaching yoga! I am so blessed & abundant to be able to teach anywhere i travel across this world! Having the opportunity to teach yoga anywhere I travel is something I am in absolute awe of. There is something special about dropping any masks that we wear, especially when walking into a yoga studio to teach yoga, and embracing the intention to SERVE!
The Scottish mountain spirit...  BLESSED ME!!! it was super cold outside! I played with my drone that my Purium Business bought me and i'm Hyped about it! I haven't been able to be in mountains for weeks! Scotland is beautiful and I look forward to returning here!
Thank you to my beautiful light brother @kylegrayuk (if you haven't checked out his page, go scope it. Daily affirmations of LEADING a life of LOVE!)  for receiving me in the beauty of glasgow, Scotland!

Angels, my guides, spirit! I am in awe of you and am listening for these daily signs that support me! Thank you for coursing messages of love through me to share! Thank you mother earth for beating your heart in ME! Thank you father sky for guiding me forward!
Thank you @infinityogagla for having me in your community to teach yoga! The LOVEtriBE expanding! Each workshop I teach, I bring enough LOVEtriBE Bracelets for everyone, and it's so cool to be a global citizen and teach all over the world!
My approach to teaching has drastically shifted over the past 15 months and my next post will go into how this has changed & where my focus lies. Essentially, instead of teaching a fun and dynamic sequence with fresh music... I have gotten still and am invested in silence! I Teach People & pay extreme attention to whom is in front of me. I have not been using music & am grateful to my teacher Eddie Modestini for helping me cultivate an eye of awareness. I am continually learning to see what an individual body needs, rather than what most people want. More on this soon....
I keep it S I M P L E.

T-2 months left in London... I have weekly classes in Bermondsey at MoreYoga & I am teaching in Iceland & France!!  I am so blessed with weekly superfood consultations with intentions to shift the health & financial wealth of our current society situation with FOOD! #gogreen

I am crushing grad school and essays! This masters degree in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation has been such an intense journey and I am learning so much about my self. Rather than Dark Night of the Soul...I'm seeing how this is the Dark Night of the Ego: The Soul does not have darkness, it is LIGHT.   London has been so hard for me, I would be lying if I didn't say that. I also asked for this. Coming from Hawaii and Colorado, the vibrational frequencies are so drastically different. I have found something profound. Earlier last week, a wave of water FLEW through me and out of no where I started crying and had an emotional breakthrough. It was not a breakdown, I was broken open to realize the medicine of being in a place that...I truly don't love.

It is an HONOR to be here now. I have the opportunity to continue to glimpse into a crevice of my consciousness that I have never had the ability to access before. I am without the Power of Community & the Beauty of Nature, and this aloneness is of extreme benefit and value. I am learning more about myself, spirit, and my hearts essence by being in this Bear Medicine- the Hibernation aspect of going into the Cave of the Heart. Salmon Medicine is keeping me resilient and continuing to swim up stream, against the grain into challenge with fierce commitment to KEEP GOING. Owl Medicine shows up on the daily; the Seer In the Dark. I see, despite not being able to see what is in front of me. Higher purpose and higher intention have once again been remembered. So, Without Community & Nature on a consistent daily basis, My consciousness has access to new states of awareness that may seem dense and dark; and it is of utmost value to CONNECT with this NOW moment! I am blessed to be a conduit of Light and Self:healing. Thank you angels and guides for helping me remember why I am here on this planet! I love you and continue to release the weight of the world on my shoulders!

I am invested in my reality with LOVE, purpose & presence, service to myself & others, and i am driven to make my way through this storm and all storms life may present in front of me!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this! Sending all the love to you where ever you are in the world. I love you!


Looking forward to connecting with you,

aloha, namaste, peace and love



your brother,


alec vishal rouben