One (of many) purposes in life

Indonesia has been powerful. BEing in my awareness has allowed me to invoke that which I wish to experience while here. I want the authentic- the true connection- a glimpse of reality from the eyes of the natives here. 


Today, January 19th, 2015 (2015?! That's wild) has been a mellow day, with real connection. Starting with Mysore at the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Center, I learned so many new alignment keys in my practice and body... Did some epic backbends with the help of Prem, the teacher here.... And felt a few individuals in Boulder supporting me through the connection of their breath. This has allowed me to not feel alone--- my breath. The way the Mysore is taught here is very strict & traditional, that as taught by guruji (Sri K. Pattabhi Jois).... Whom I imagine taught mysore with even more vigor & detail. 


Post practice, I returned to my hostel for fresh exotic fruits... Chill time & hydration- leading me with the wish to explore. So I hopped on my scooter and zipped around ubud mindfully following traffic. One thing we must understand about the traffic here is that.... There are essentially no rules! Things move FAST & you gotta pay attention. This is how it goes:

1) BE present.

2) respond with direction, clarity & action

3) don't drive in the right hand lane (only f'd that up once!!!!)

4) breathe.

5) bribe police if you get pulled over (probably for being white!) thanks mom, for the brown skin ;) 



Here.... Today I am starting to get a feel for how things go. Kind of.

The day consisted of other adventures with a few friends, driving through the monkey forest road (🐵epic🐵) and finding a rest spot at an organic café resting near rice paddies, I decided I need to flow solo again. This was where my day felt like it began! I went on to Hanoman street, a street filled with shops in search for malas & beads! 

After going in multiple shops, I arrived in one filled with strands and beads through each corner of the small shop!  

I walk in and instantly fall in love with the bead work, the rudraksha malas... And begin to try bargain prices for 2 sets of rudraksha mala - untied. after talking for a while with the shop owner- i thought about showing her my mala I just finished! She was interested in the knot so I showed her using her beads & string. 


She said, "Wow! So easy!"

While making sure she understood the knot fully, I mindfully offered a trade after she brought attention & interest to the necklace I was wearing; created by brother Bonz. I asked if we could trade two rudraksha mala for the sugalite organize pendant & told her to think about it- and we continued to tie mala.  


soon on we made the trade as she was thrilled. Just in time, her husband showed up and proceeded to teach him and he got it instantly! Quick learner. Then he put the necklace on and we began to talk.  

An hour goes by, through sunset, through a passing evening rain shower, the  husband & I carry a conversation about yoga, meditation, mala tying techniques with intention & traditional balianese prayer. This is where things got potent. I could try to express what I felt, shared, heard, and pondered upon, but no word would do the experience justice. He put the necklace on and shared with me words that brought a bright glow to my heart. We complimented each other on the energy of our presence & positivity. It felt so incredible to attract this kind of interaction. 

one thing I will share....the man told me.... Traditional balianese prayer deals with three key parts:

1) the source of spirit... And giving thanks to spirit for allowing us to be here now. 

2) the ability to learn as teacher and student from the community he (we) live in

3) generational guidance. Listening to our elders.... And aiding our young with direction & guidance. 



"meditation comes from the heart" 

.....that is what he said which stuck with me as I rode home, feeling fulfilled with the day, through a mere hour long conversation. 


so the point? To share. To learn from each others experience. To simply listen.  


i feel that this is one of the purposes of being alive. If not a purpose, than maybe, benefit- to share what we know, to share our experience of what it is to be human on this spinning rock! 


i write this and now lay my head down to sleep. Good night... Good day.... Good life my friends <3  


May we share what we know with inspiration, vigor, and a sense of freedom. may we nourish each other with the gift of our wisdom found through life. May we benefit from one another.  




And remember........

all my love ( ( ( <3 ) ) )