The art of vinyasa

There is an art in everything.


There is an art to walking.


There is art in watching clouds go by.


there is an art in traveling. From A to B, inbetween each point... There is so much to feel. Can we?  


There is an art in breathing. (I think this will always be a lifetime favorite) (this is the greatest vinyasa there is!) 


There is this one art that has pulled my attention recently.  It is the art of connecting with eyeballs. The art of truly being here. Now. Right now! Not then. Not when. Now. 

A life lesson for Alec Vishal Rouben: patience. Presence. Time. Silence.  

Big teachers of subtly....  



Eye balls are so interesting.


A window into total emotion. Sometimes it is opaque... Yet at other times, it is blatantly obvious the depth of clarity that pierces through.

These are people that shift the energy and the winds in a room.

I notice in myself when I loose presence when connecting to other eyeballs. 


what is it to be present? The body is here... The mind trails on past experiences at times....  



There are certain people in the world who stir up inspiration and proper presence within us. 


I search for Teacher. The individuals who I strive to emulate. Teachers on this path who are further along in their journey as Human Being.


People who are better than I am. More present. They are more humble. They live in humility. They live in total love for the moment of being alive, despite any plight that may arise.


oh, I could write forever, but rarely seem to do. Maybe I should start writing more.

I'll try do that.


In the meantime...

Bless the weird folks!


Keep searching... For the revealing nature of art in everything you do. There is an art to be humble. There is an art invited into our lives- when it comes to finding our teacher. Someone to aid us on the path. Whatever that path may be...


Pranams my beloved friends