The Vinyasa of Thought

Sitting Meditation is no different than the Asana (postures).

Sitting Meditation is no different than the Pranayama (mindful breath control).

They are woven into a system.

The inner workings of the mind arise - sometimes uncontrollably throughout the course of learning this system of Yoga. The Thoughts.... are daunting. Some are filled with poison, some bring desire, others offer happiness, contentment, even moments of true peace.

It's possible... to feel peace.


Notice what arises as it arises...without swallowing the experience whole and self wallowing (raga).... without cowering and feeling total aversion (dvesha)... there is a sense of neutralization that can occur. Holding the emotion with breath and love.


So... This is the thought process! It rises, it mellows out...sometimes it picks up the pace to feel like a tornado is inside of our mind, unable to rest, even in the eye of the storm...
This is the Vinyasa of Thought. Vinyasa: Occurring over...and over...and over again... and again... placing something with great intention and observation.

The original Vinyasa is that of the breath. Inhale.... exhale.....repeat. There is this natural repetition that will occur...the breath will keep breathing. Do we wish to pay attention?

There is a natural occurrence in the mind. The thoughts will keep rising. Do we wish to take our one way ticket on an incredible voyage?


 ~ Who sees from the eye of the eye? Who Hears from the ear of the ear? Who breathes the breath of the breath? ~ KENA UPANISHAD


This is Yoga. Life is about Self-Inquiry. It doesn't matter if you Practice Yoga or not- although.... looking within.. and truly looking inside (to me) is one of the deepest yoga's available to each being.

Once the anxiety of feeling like one must move...dissolves.. and a pranic mold of wax settles over the body... stillness can arrive in the form of our shape we are taking. Here is a few layers under the surface where Vichara takes place. Today I felt a glimpse of sight seeing through the eye of my eye. An organic Breathing of the breath of my breath. An echo far, far, away, yet... endearingly close...hearing the ear of my ear.


Today I sat for 7 hours with Richard Freeman at the Shambala Center. Last year I did this two days in a row. It was extremely challenging and filled with darkness - I sat in my emotional shit. It ceased to be interesting and I was grasping.... I remember it.

Today I was wildly surprised. Not a single thread of emotional density pierced through my awareness today- even when I became aware that nothing challenging was coming up! I felt pure happiness, contentment, and excitement for the coming months, despite the emotional challenge I have been in the past 6 months. 2016 has by far-- Been the hardest and most HUMAN year of my life. And I wouldn't change a thing. I am honored to practice practice Yoga. To practice paying attention to what is really going on for my heartmind space...  Everyday is different......

I felt some body pain arise during the sit...but the Was so beautiful. I watched my thoughts come and go, arise and fall. I allowed myself to follow beautiful trains of thought, painting a picture of beauty of what might be, without attaching hope, expectation, or belief in them...I felt their resonance and the happiness that it brought.

Each time a storyline ended, I came back to center... dropping into the space, staring off into the cosmic infinite void.. (Ananta).  And after some time....thoughts would arise- or they wouldn't...

The Vinyasa of Thought.


It was truly profound. I felt innocently...honestly... real... young. Kind. Injured. Happy. Healing. In love.

So it shall be.



I leave you with this video:  


Pranams my brothers and sisters